Try harder if you happen to fail!

My first attempt at learning how to ride a two-wheeler was not a very good one. I couldn’t get control on the bike. While I was trying hard, I fell off from the bike once. I was disappointed after that experience, and didn’t have the courage to try again out of fear of failing. My aunt cheered me up by saying that it is natural to face it at the first time, and I must overcome this fear. So, I tried again and the next time I was much better at it. I learnt a few basics from my cousin who rode pillion with me. I practised riding the bike often. I started driving to classes and college too. Gradually, I got better control on the bike and started enjoying the driving experience.

My engineering college was situated around 13km from our apartment in Pune. I had to travel around 25km per day on an average. My dad decided to get me a two-wheeler in order to make my traveling easier. I was really excited about getting a new bike 🙂 TVS Scooty was then the most popular two-wheeler in town. But before selecting one, I had to go to the TVS showroom for a test drive.

My uncle accompanied me to the TVS showroom situated close to our house. When we reached the showroom, we checked out the new model of scooty and finalized on the colour. While my uncle was completing the formalities for booking the bike, I went on for the test drive with an instructor.

I drove the two-wheeler and the instructor sat on the pillion. She directed me while I was driving. She asked me to drive through the narrow lanes behind the showroom. While I was driving, she exclaimed that she was quite surprised to see the way I was driving. She said that I drove very sensibly and had a good control on the vehicle. She also added by saying that it’s quite rare to see someone driving like me. Those few words which came from her have remained in my mind and I guess I’d never forget them. That day, I returned home with a broad smile over my face, thinking that my efforts towards becoming a good driver had not gone in vain.

Peaceful and sweet

From quite some time, my husband and I wanted to visit the Ganesha temple located in Koramangala 6th Block. Somehow, it always escaped our minds and striked us only while passing by the road where the temple is situated. But then, it would be late and the temple would be closed. Hence, after the Ganesh festival commenced we made a serious plan of visiting the temple. And yes, we finally visited the temple on last Saturday. The temple is pretty neat and calm despite being situated in a very busy area. A few moments spent in the divine atmosphere of the temple makes your mind very peaceful. It feels like you are getting connected to the Almighty. It was a nice experience for us 🙂

Yesterday we watched the movie Barfi. It is an artistic movie and exceptionally made. We thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie. There were a lot of moments in the movie which were too sweet to be forgotten. The actors have done a really good job. I must say, it was worth spending time and money on the movie. The movie conveys a couple of messages to the viewers. One of them is that you don’t need to have everything to be happy in life. The unfortunate can also be happy if they decide to be.The second message conveyed is that words are not really necessary for expression. Expression can be in any form. And yes, the more expressive you are in a relationship, the better the relationship gets.

Thanking the special one!

Today is one of my good friends’ birthday. When we were staying in Solapur, I would somehow call her on this day, but fail to remember that it’s her birthday. While winding up the conversation, she would remind me that it’s high time that I wish her. Ha ha :D. I don’t know how I happened to call her on that day. May be, it was my instinct which would try to give me a hint. Initially, it used to be embarrassing. Over a period of time, we both got used to it as I made this blunder almost every year :D.

I must say she has been a very special friend throughout. Now, we meet very infrequently, but we do not feel disconnected from each other. I guess this is a sign of good friendship. Even if you are miles apart, the bond of friendship remains intact. When we meet after a long time, the feeling remains the same. We don’t feel as though we have been apart for so long.

There are a lot of memories attached when it comes to our friendship. Our friendship started when we were studying in the 11th Standard. I had my tuition in front of her house. Most of the times, I’d reach the class before time. Hence, would manage to grab some time to drop by her place and have a chat with her. It would always be a pleasure visiting her place. Gradually, our friendship got even stronger.

We always talked for hours over the phone. It would be so difficult to wind up the conversation. The topic of discussion would be anything randomly picked. I had always felt really nice after talking to her. The conversations were nice, mostly because we thought a lot alike and understood each other really well.

When I was doing my engineering, we got completely disconnected for quite sometime. I had missed her presence in my life, but I knew we would connect again someday. During the last year of my engineering, we got back in contact and I was so glad about it. She was studying dentistry. I remember talking to her for hours over various topics related to dentistry. She would say that I was her only engineering friend who loved to listen to her when she talked about dentistry. I guess that was because I had loved the subject of Biology, and more importantly, I loved listening to my dear friend. The topic never really mattered when we started talking 😀

Now, we are married and staying miles apart, infact in two different countries. Despite that, we still feel connected. I missed my friend’s presence in my reception, but I hope someday in near future we’d meet up again. There is never a fear of losing her, as I am very sure that we’d always hold the same feeling for each other.

Today, on the occasion of your birthday, I thank you my dear friend for being such an asset in my life. I hope you get a lot of happiness in life. I pray to the Lord that our friendship remains the same no matter how old we grow 😉

And to the other readers, I would only say that feel the presence of the best people in your life. Despite the fact that you stay miles apart, your true well-wishers will always be there. Try your best to keep in contact. If that doesn’t happen, don’t feel bad. All you need to do it feel the presence thinking of the moments you spent together and be happy 😀

Festive season on

Today is Ganesh Chaturthi which marks the beginning of the Ganesh festival. On this auspicious day, Lord Ganesha was born. The Ganesh festival is celebrated for 10 to 12 days.

On this day, a of lot memories from my childhood get afresh in my mind. I was amongst the toppers in my class from the sixth standard. I was in the sixth standard when I got the first rank in the class for the first time. From then on, I had always been one of the rank-holders in the class. My performance in academics made my mother very proud of me. On the day of the results, she would collect my report card from my class teacher. She would then visit the Dagdusheth Ganpati temple, situated on the Lakshmi Road in Pune, filled with content and happiness. The Ganesha murty in the temple is more than a 100 years old.It is believed that whatever you ask for in front of the Lord in this temple is fulfilled. My mom would place my report card in front of the Lord, thank Him for His blessings and pray that I should continue to perform well in my academics.

Today, I  would like to express my thankfulness to my mother. She has always been very supportive. A smile on her face after seeing my results would be enough to motivate me and perform better. I owe a lot to her for what I am.

Every year, we awaited the Ganesh festival as it brought immense happiness and excitement. It is, undoubtedly, the best of the festivals, as Lord Ganesha is the sweetest God. Every year, on this day, we brought the Lord’s idol. The Lord’s idol was placed in the centre of the hall and the surrounding place was decorated. A special sweet was prepared and kept in front of the idol. When all the preparations were done, the aarti of the Lord was performed. We all sung the aarti songs happily.

The Lord’s idol was kept in the house for about 10 to 12 days. On the last day, the idol was immersed in holy water. We would happily bade goodbye and pray to the Lord to give us a lot of strength and happiness until His next visit 🙂

Today, my husband and I plan to celebrate the festival by expressing our gratitude to the Lord Ganesha in a simple and nice way. I am looking forward to it 🙂

I wish you all a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi. May the Lord shower his blessings on you and your family and may He bring peace, wisdom and prosperity in your life.

A pleasant evening

On Saturday evening, my husband and I went to a restaurant situated in Indira Nagar named, “The Village”. We heard about this restaurant from a few of our friends and wanted to visit the place sometime.

When we reached the place, we were informed that parking space is available in front of the restaurant, but we didn’t find any. We had to go further inside and park our car in the residential area. I must say, the place looked so scary. It was pitch dark and there were no street lights. I wonder how people who reside in that area walk on the dark streets there.

We parked the car and reached the restaurant which was located on the terrace of the building. The ambience was quite ok, but the climate was cool and breezy. The food was good. Also, the service was really good. We had a pleasant time talking for a while, enjoyed the food and then returned back home. It was a pleasant evening spent together 🙂