Birthday wishes!

Dear sister,

Today is your birthday. And on this day, a lot of memories from our past come alive. I called you early in the morning to wish you. The innocence and softness in your voice drove my heart towards you as always. No matter how less we contact and how far distances keep us, there is one thing that will never change between us. Wishes and Prayers! I wish to see you progress in life much more than myself. I pray to the Almighty to keep you happy and healthy always 🙂

With love,


My apologies!

Hey friends,

I am so sorry for disappearing from the Blog World without any notice 🙂 Actually, there is something that I wish to accomplish soon and I am working really hard on that. Since, I need to take out time for it every day, I am unable to get time to write blogs. I do visit WordPress to read your blogs and I do comment sometimes, but haven’t been able to write anything. Last few weeks have been quite hectic for me.

There is one news from my end that my health condition has improved and my doctor says that I can stop the medication if things look fine after 2-3 months. Touch wood! I am thankful to all of you who prayed for me and motivated me in tough times. I do get a lot of strength whenever I visit the Blog world and get to meet you 🙂

I might be tied up in my endeavour till I achieve what I wish to achieve. I will try my best to visit this space and be in contact with all of you, but do excuse me if I am a bit irregular 🙂 I would soon return back and regularly post once I have accomplished my goal 🙂 And, keeping the goal a secret for the time-being. I would soon share it with all of you 🙂