Rakhi celebration!

Last weekend, we visited one of my Rakhi brother’s(A’s) place. I had bought a Rakhi for him, but couldn’t visit their place on Raksha Bandhan as it was on a week day. So, S and I planned to visit on the weekend.

We reached their place in the evening. For sometime, we spent chatting and watching television as his wife(Sw) and kid had gone to attend a birthday party in the colony. I met his mother-in-law after a long time. You know, a day before or on the same day in the morning, I had thought about her. I remember telling S how nice a lady she is and it is always a pleasure to meet her. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw her at A’s place 🙂

After sometime, Sw returned with the kid and soon after that one more couple joined in. It was A’s friend and his wife. We performed the ritual of tying the Rakhi and having sweets 😉 And then we chatted and chatted for a long time. S and I then realized that we ought to leave as we were getting late, but Sw didn’t allow us. She wanted us to have dinner and then leave. So, we continued chatting and playing with the kid until it was dinner time.

The dinner was good. Sw had made Puranpoli, puri, Avarekai sabzi and rice. S liked the Puranpolis. In my home-town, Puranpolis are often prepared during festivals. S had them last when we visited home and mom made them. After having so much food, we got to know that the dinner wasn’t over yet. Sw had prepared some cute-looking cup-cakes as a dessert. She had prepared them with a lot of patience and dedication. The icing on the cakes was done very nicely. We enjoyed the cake too.

After dinner, we again chatted for a while. When we realized it was quite late, I hinted S that it’s time to leave. We bade goodbye and left from there. We had a nice time at their place. When we reached home, we were too tired to do anything else. We slept off soon. These simple celebrations keep us going, don’t they? S and I love celebrating and we keep finding reasons for celebration 😉

A prayer!

The day before yesterday, my paternal grandma was admitted in hospital. She has not been keeping well for a couple of months now. Papa visited my grandparent’s place for the festival and stayed back there as grandma fell ill. Grandma has become quite weak as she is unable to consume food. The doctors are going to keep her hospitalized for some days until she recovers.

I call up papa everyday to ask about grandma’s health condition. I hope she recovers soon and is a condition to consume food. We are all very worried for her. Yesterday, I even got a little emotional thinking about her and the moments that we spent together while I was studying Engineering in Pune. I would like to share a few of those moments with you.

When I was studying Engineering, I used to go for jogging early in the mornings especially on the weekends. Grandma used to accompany me. She would get up early in the morning and get ready for the walk. She used to wear nice canvas shoes that uncle bought for her so that she could comfortably walk. I would drive my TVS Scooty and she would ride pillion with me. We would go to M.G. road in Pune which was situated quite close to our house. In the mornings, M.G. Road is not crowded and is a good place for walking or jogging. After reaching the place, we would decide the path. She would walk while I jogged on the same path. After sometime, we’d meet up and then return home. The mornings were very refreshing and it was nice to have her company then.

The last time I met grandma was in my sister’s engagement which was recently held. She got emotional after she met me. I am glad S spent sometime with her during the function as I was accompanying my sister then. I am extending a prayer for her well-being. May the Almighty give her the strength to recover from her illness 🙂

Home-trip Day 4 and 5

On the 4th day, S and I relaxed at home. We had home-made food and spent some time watching television.
Later in the evening, we accompanied mom to the market. We had to do some shopping for her. We bought some cooking utensils for her so that cooking gets easier for her.

On the last day, we got up early and had yummy breakfast. We used the new pan that we bought the previous day. Later, we visited my grandma’s place. My maternal aunt gifted new clothes to S and me as she couldn’t attend our wedding reception. The dress she gifted me is lovely. S and I loved it very much. I am still waiting for the day I’d be wearing it. S has already started using his new clothes. He can’t wait when he gets new clothes. He tries them within a week’s time. After that, S went with my uncles and dad to my uncle’s workplace. I did all the packing in the meantime. After S returned, we had lunch and then took rest for a while. Dad’s friend and family came to meet us in the afternoon. Time just passed so soon and it was already time to leave. We got ready and left for the station. On the way, we picked my maternal aunt and my cousin. They wished to see us off. After reaching the station, we boarded the train and chatted for a while. When the train started, we bade goodbye to everyone happily. We sure had a nice stay 🙂

Home-trip Day 3 – A happy day!

It was the day of the engagement. We all got up early and had a quick breakfast. We were so thankful that the ceremony was held in the evening. It was a nice and sunny day. Thanks to the Almighty! It didn’t rain on that day. We were keeping our fingers crossed till the day of the engagement and were so happy when the weather turned pleasant.

In the morning, mom and dad were busy with the preparations. In the afternoon, we had lunch and rested for a while. Then, we started getting ready for the ceremony. S was looking handsome in the clothes which dad gifted him. Dad was also looking good in the clothes that S and I gifted him. And, the star of the show was mom. She wore a dark-red saree that we bought for her. She was glowing and looking lovely. The moment she got ready and saw herself in the mirror, she exclaimed, “This saree is looking really good!” Yeah, that’s my mom! In the meantime, my sisters got ready and they were also looking really pretty. I wore a golden ghaghra which S had selected for me. I was feeling really confident after wearing it. It was so manageable and nice.

After getting ready, mom, dad and S left for the place where the ceremony was held. My two sisters and I went later in the car. When we reached the venue, we walked inside together. Our relatives waited outside the hall to greet us. I met all of my uncles and my grand-father after a long time. My sister walked the aisle towards the podium. It was a moment of happiness. Soon, she was going to get engaged to the person she loves and I got a bit emotional.

There were a few lovely moments which can never be forgotten –
1. I and my second sister accompanied N (my first sister) to the dressing room after N was gifted the clothes and jewellery by her would-be in-laws. She looked really beautiful when she wore the ghaghra and the jewellery. I was a bit emotional that moment. My little sister was entering a new phase of life. I prayed silently and wore a smile over my face throughout the occasion.
2. Everyone loved mom’s saree and she received so many compliments. Mom was so happy and we were even happier.
3. My little cousin (my last maternal aunt’s 2 month old kid) also wore the clothes that we gifted him. He was looking super-cute. It was the first function he attended and he slept a lot during the proceedings 😀 After he woke up, he started crying a lot. Nobody was able to console him. S took him in his palms and tried to console him for a while. To everyone’s surprise, he finally stopped crying and started smiling cutely. My aunt and my cousins narrated this to me and told me that it was a magical moment. I was so proud of S 🙂
4. S spent some nice time with my grandmas(maternal and paternal). He sat with them and chatted while I was with my sisters. S often says that he was unfortunate as he could never see his grand-parents. When he told me that he enjoyed the company of my grandmas, I was so happy 🙂
5. My best friend attended the ceremony with her kid. It was so nice seeing her after a long time. She met S for the first time as she couldn’t attend our reception and I was glad.
6. My brother-in-law’s mother came and hugged me the moment I entered the hall. I was so emotional after meeting her. I must say that she is a lovely person.
7. N and my brother-in-law exchanged rings and there was a cake cutting after that. It was a happy moment! 🙂
8. S and I had dinner with sisters, brother-in-law and his parents. My maternal aunts and their families also joined us. It was a lovely dinner. The food was very delicious too.

Overall, the event was well-organised and turned out to be a great hit. Unexpectedly, the head count exceeded the estimation. But, arrangements for food were taken care of. At the end of the ceremony, we all were very happy 🙂 🙂

Home-trip Day 2

I got up early on the second day. To my surprise, the Mehndi on my palms had turned really dark. Mom was also completely taken aback when she saw it. She wondered how that happened because I had washed off my hands two hours after application of Mehndi.

I helped mom in the kitchen in the morning. While mom was performing puja, I prepared breakfast for everyone. I made Poha which turned out to be pretty decent 😉 It is one of my favourite breakfast dishes. Dad tasted it and appreciated it. It was the first time he tasted something that I prepared from the start to end. It was a moment of happiness for me. S had breakfast and went to my maternal uncle’s farm with two of my other maternal uncles. In the meantime, I just relaxed at home and watched television 😉

In the afternoon, S and I went to my maternal grandfather’s place. My grandma had invited us for lunch. There was a small get-together there. We met my last cousin who was born only a month ago. We gifted him few toys and clothes. We also met my maternal aunt who visited India after 3 long years. S and I had lunch with my maternal uncles and aunts. The food was very delicious. My grandma prepared tasty Mutton Pulao and S loved it. My grandma is a wonderful cook and an inspiration to everyone around her. She cooks food and does other household work even at this age. Hats off to her! After lunch, S and I chatted with my aunts and spent some awesome time with my little cousin. S loves kids a lot. When kids are around, he gets completely engrossed in playing with them 🙂 and I get engrossed in watching him playing 😉 😀

After returning from Grandma’s place, S, mom and I went to the market for shopping. Mom had to do some shopping for the engagement. So, we accompanied her to the market. Later in the evening, S, mom, dad and I visited my maternal uncle’s place. They had invited us for dinner. There was a get-together again. We all chatted and had loads of fun. The food was delicious too. When we returned home, we were so tired that we slept off immediately. The next day was the big day – the day of the engagement and I was super-excited!