And I write in a poetic mood…

Yesterday, it was a bright and sunny day. In the last few days, the Sun tried his best to make his way out of the stretch of clouds in the sky, but failed to do so. I was eagerly waiting for the day when the Sun would make atleast a special appearance in the sky. And, finally he did yesterday! It was not just a special appearance, but a decently longer one.

It felt so positive and energetic after the weather changed from dark to bright. In the morning, S and I noticed the change and we went on the terrace of our building to visualize and feel the change in a much better way. We walked there for a while. It felt really nice to stand there under the sky which served as a playground for the sun and the stretch of clouds. The Sun and the clouds were playing hide & seek, making short appearances one after the other.

After the little walk and the little talk, S and I came down. Our conversation lasted only for a few minutes, but I felt so blissful after that. I wonder whether I should thank S or the Sun or the clouds for the feeling that I experienced that moment 😉 I guess it was a collective effort made by the three of them. What say friends?


My little aunt

Today is my little aunt’s birthday. I know you are wondering why I am calling her “little aunt”. She is my mother’s last sister and she is just four years older than me. We have grown up together and are more like siblings. There are so many memories that we share from our childhood. I would like to share a few of them with you –
1. When we were kids, mummy asked me to give my dress to my aunt just for a day. My aunt needed a dress for some function and I had one which was quite big for me and could fit her well. I was so stubborn that I refused to give it to her 😦 Now, when I think of it I wonder why I was like that :D. Though I don’t remember that incident very clearly, she still does. Whenever we talk about childhood days, she narrates the incident so well 😀
2. When I was studying in high school, I often needed to buy books from the market. Mama used to have a lot of household work then. So, my aunt used to take me to the market on her TVS Scooty. I always enjoyed it when I rode pillion with her. After picking up stuff from the market, we often visited her best friend’s home. Her friend is very sweet and I became friends with her because of my frequent visits to her place with my aunt.
3. There were times when I didn’t address her as “Aunty”. I addressed her by her name. But, as I grew up, I stopped calling her by her name and started addressing her as “Aunty”. I don’t remember the exact time this transformation happened, but I do remember it was when I had started looking up to her. I had realized that she was not just a person whom I shared my childhood with, but something more than that. You could say that she had become like an elder sister for me.
4. To help out mama and grandma in the kitchen, we often washed the utensils in the kitchen after dinner. She would apply the utensil cleaning soap on the utensils and I would wash them under tap water. Whenever I think of those times I laugh. I wonder how we did that cleaning together!

These are just a few of those memories that I shared today. Though I am staying away from her, I don’t feel like that. She does call me whenever she thinks about me. In fact, she is the one who makes the call most of the times and she never complains why I don’t call her often. She is one of the sweetest people I have seen in my life. She doesn’t hold anything against anybody. She is too busy in her world that she hardly bothers about how people are behaving. She just ignores and moves on. This is the best quality that she possesses. Whenever I meet her, I realize that I should learn this art from her 🙂 On the occasion of her birthday, I pray to God to give her all the happiness that she deserves in her life.

Being happy!

It’s been 11 years since I am staying in a different city as that of my parents. Whenever I talk to mama, she often talks to me about the problems that she is facing in her routine life. Most of her problems are related to her health. Mom still does all the household work and I feel really proud about it. Touching wood! Since, I am staying away, there I times I feel a bit helpless that I am unable to go there and help her. Over a period of time, I have learnt to accept the reality that I have to stay in a different place. But, I try my best to help her out as much as possible from my end. It gives me a lot of happiness when I help her in the smallest possible way.

Since couple of months, mama is having an issue. The maid who works at our place is taking a lot of leaves. Sometimes, there are genuine reasons for her taking an off from work and mama does understand her situation and grants her a leave. But, in such situations, it is really difficult to find an alternative. A couple of years back, mama could comfortably do all the household work. But, now she needs to take enough rest too and there are certain constraints that she needs to face. She still manages to do the work, but her health goes for a toss 😦 One issue that she regularly faces is with putting the clothes for drying. Because of space constraints, mama has tied the ropes quite high above the ground level and hence she needs to get onto a ladder or chair to put the clothes on the rope. Since, she has knee issues, it gets quite difficult for her to climb up and put the clothes for drying one by one.

When mama had last visited our place in Bangalore, she saw the clothes drying stand that we bought. She liked it a lot and felt it would be a good solution for the issue that she faces every now and then. After she went back, she did look out for something similar in the super-market, but in vain. Ever since then, she has been asking me to find out if there are ways of sending a similar drying stand from Bangalore to my home-town. S and I visited the super-market the other day, but we couldn’t find a similar stand there. The one we have is a sturdy one and there are very few chances of it toppling down. We returned home and S started looking for something online. He finally found a really decent one online and we ordered it today. It is much better than the one we have at our place. I am so excited now. I am eagerly waiting for mama to receive it. I am sure it will be of great help to her. Doing such little things for her keeps me away from the feeling of helplessness 🙂

Cleaning, cleaning..

Yesterday, S and I did a lot of cleaning in the house. There is some open space provided near the ceiling in one of the rooms to keep certain stuff such as bags and other things which are not used so frequently. There were a lot of things that were packed and kept there from a long time and we wanted to sort it out soon. But, we normally got engrossed in other things on the weekends and this task remained in the backlog. Finally yesterday, we took up this task impromptu 😉 The sorting went on and on. We found some things which could be used again and some which needed to be disposed off. We took quite sometime to clean up the entire space, sort out the things and then arrange them well in the space again. It was a great relief to have finished the long-pending task! Now, the space looks so neat and tidy. Yippee! 😀 Yeah, I am kind of crazy for cleanliness. I guess I have mentioned that before too 😛

After two days, my mother-in-law, father-in-law and sister-in-law are coming over to stay with us. Mother-in-law needs to get a medical check-up done here and needs to get operated too. We are hoping things go on smoothly during their stay here and she is treated well 🙂

Reminiscing a blessing!

Yesterday was teacher’s day. I wish all my teachers in academics, work-life and elsewhere a very happy teacher’s day. I know I’m late. But it is better to be late than never say something you wish to say, right friends?

Today, I would like to dedicate this post to one of my teachers who played a major role in my life when I was studying in the junior college. I used to attend extra classes for Physics when I was in 11th and 12th. I never felt the need to attend extra classes, but just because everyone else did, I did too. The Physics teacher whose classes I attended was very knowledgeable. Also, he was extremely good at teaching his subject. But, he was very strict. His classes were held early in the morning at 6:30 am and would continue for an hour. He demanded pin-drop silence in the class while he taught.

I was scared of him most of the times as he taught with so much dedication and strictness. Sometimes, he would look at me sternly while giving some examples. I always felt he considers me a very mediocre student who is not so good with the subject. As a matter of fact, he never directly said something of that sort to me, but I just assumed. Initially I attended the classes very diligently and also scored really well in the tests that he conducted. I had no idea that he was silently watching over my performance in the tests.

When the board examinations were approaching, I stopped attending the classes. I felt I could manage studying the remaining lessons on my own. He asked other students about me, but nobody knew why I was not attending the classes. One fine day, he seemed too upset in the class and he said to the students that he really wondered why a good student like me left his class. He doubted whether his teaching was up to the mark. He also told them that he has been silently observing my performance in tests and that I was a good performer consistently. That’s why he requested people who knew me to ask me to meet him once so that he could talk to me. I was thrilled when my friend narrated all this to me. I couldn’t believe my ears! A professor whom I looked up to with great respect appreciated my performance so much. As soon as I told mama about this, she scolded me for discontinuing the classes and asked me to go and meet him.

I went to the teacher’s house to meet him. I remember that day so well. All of his family members were sitting in front of the television and watching Kaun Banega Crorepati. My teacher asked me why I didn’t attend the classes. I told him that I had some personal issues and found managing both college and extra classes difficult. The statement that he said next was something that I could never forget, “We all wear a collar of problems. In some cases, the problems are more and in others they are less. But, we need to move ahead of those problems in life. We need to face them, fight against them and then shine beautifully.” I was dumbstruck after he quoted this. I had always looked up to him for his teaching. That day, I realized he is a good person too. I have never forgotten this quote and I never wish to forget it 🙂 Every time I need motivation, I remind myself of it and I feel much better. Since the classes were already over and the practice tests too, he arranged for the tests at his place. He handed over the test papers to his wife. I visited his place and attended the test while his wife kept a track of the time.

The practice tests were really helpful. When I passed the examination with flying colors in Physics, I went to his place and thanked him for the arrangements that he made for me for attending the practice tests. He was also so proud that I scored well in his subject. Sometimes, when I go to my home-town, I accidentally meet him in the market or other places. He doesn’t fail to recognize me and talks to me so nicely 🙂 Sometimes, good teachers do go out of the way to get the best out of you. I am so thankful to him!