A lovely day!

Today, I took a compensatory off from work since I worked on the weekend. S was also working-from-home as he had some important personal work too.

I took rest the whole day – no getting up early, no rushing to prepare food, no rushing to get ready, and no returning home late in the evening from office. ItĀ feels so good to get some rest after the hard-work we put up in the last week. We prepared some decent food at home and enjoyed the day. In the evening, we went out and met some of our old friends from our previous office. It felt really nice to see them after so long šŸ™‚

Also, today we booked train tickets for Papa. Papa would be visiting us in Bangalore next week and would be staying here for quite sometime. This is the first time after our marriage Papa is coming over to stay with us. Mummy had come here recently, but Papa couldn’t accompany her because of his work and other responsibilities. Also, S would be traveling for sometime in the next week. My father-in-law is not keeping well from quite sometime, andĀ S is going to get him treated from a good hospital in Mumbai. I pray things go well and he is treated soon.


Rest is a must!

Last week has been quite hectic for S and me. I have been working for long hours in the office because of a project delivery. I worked on Saturday too when my dear husband was aloneĀ at home. He did drop and pick me from office. From last few weeks, I have been traveling with S in our car because of the weather changes. The weather is very hot this summer. ItĀ gets quite difficult to ride the scooter in the scorching heat. Hence, I travel with S. Since, S has to take a different route to his office as he drops me on the way, he is spending quite a lot of time in driving.

When we both reach home, we are completely worn-out. We rest for a while, cook food, finish off other household chores, have dinner and sleep off at once. The moment when I lie on the bed, it feels like BLISS. Rest is so essential for our well-being. After a sound sleep, when we wake up early in the morning, it feels so fresh and energetic. The previous day’s tiredness is all gone away magically.

Today, S and I stayed at home. One complete day of rest! It feels so good. We usually go out on weekends, but today we haveĀ no plans of going anywhere. The busy we get, the more we realize how important it is for us to take rest. So guys, here a small piece of advice for all of you – Work hard, enjoy, and don’t forget to take REST šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚