Patience does pay off!

I have always loved the kind of work that I do at the workplace, but I was waiting for a role that would help me grow further in my career. I am happy to announce that 6 months ago, I did get a role of my choice. Yes, it feels extremely good to be playing a role of a lead. I have learnt a new technology and I am enjoying working in this space to the fullest. Going to office feels even better these days and I am thankful to my loved ones. My loved ones have motivated & supported me a lot to reach where I am today. This is certainly not the end! I need to learn more and more as days pass by in order to get better at what I’m doing.

The people I work with have appreciated the work I’m doing. It feels so good when your effort is being noted and appreciated. It brings about even more energy within you to learn and perform better. It always boils down to the basics, doesn’t it? Appreciate and watch it do miracles in life. Our house construction is not complete yet. It might take another 6 months. We are not sure if we’d be moving there as our offices are located at the other end of the city. Traveling every day from home to office would be quite a challenge, hence we need to decide wisely. But, in any case, I am glad S and I are really happy working  in the places where we are now.

Truly, our patience and long wait has paid off. Take care friends, dream and work for it. Dreams do come true when we work towards achieving them with a lot of patience. 


My love for colors!

On a Friday, on the occassion of Holi, S and I went to office. We didn’t take a leave from work. While, riding my scooter on the way to office, the weather was super-nice, slightly cloudy and a cool breeze was hitting over my face. The best part was that there was very less traffic on the roads. I enjoyed the drive so much 🙂 Riding on the same old road felt so peaceful and nice. When there are fewer people on the road, especially the ones who do not honk incessantly, it feels so good to drive.

The weather in Bangalore has changed in the last week. It feels pleasant unlike the usual hot summer days. Also, I get to see so many colorful trees these days. Even during the late morning hours, we can hear the birds chirping and it feels so musical.The flowers on the trees are like treat for the eyes, the pink Tabebuia trees are found all across the city and they are my favorite ones too. Also, the teck-park where I work has become super-colorful with flowers of all colors – yellow, red, white, purple and so on. I love to drive to office these days. This is the best part of Bangalore – it’s beauty and I am so glad that S and I chose this city to settle down 🙂

I do not like to play with colors during Holi. I don’t mind playing with water though ;), I love water to the core! But, after the festival the entire city has been painted with lovely natural colors and I enjoy watching them again and again. So, that’s what I meant by my love for colors. He He 😀





It’s holiday time….

Two more days to go, and then a long holiday begins. S and I are taking a long holiday or I’d rather say a short break from the routine life for a period of 9 days. The last holiday we took was in February when we visited Goa. I am so glad that we were able to plan out another holiday this year. We will be visiting my in-law’s place and spending a few days with the family there.

Since our marriage, this is the first time we’d be celebrating Diwali with family. Usually we do it in Bangalore with friends 🙂 We are looking forward to a good and relaxing holiday. Also, as always, mama would be sending over sweets and savouries soon after we return back.  Also, I wish I can stick to the pledge that I took last year of Going green(not lighting crackers) 😉

Have a happy and safe Diwali friends! See you soon 🙂

After a long time, here I am…

to say hello friends! I have been away from this Blog World for quite sometime now.Life has become a little tough with family members facing health issues and also a busy work schedule. S and I have to be on our toes on the week days. We wake up early in the morning, do all the household chores, prepare food and then leave for office. Since we enjoy doing our work, we have not opted for a house-help. Hence, we end up spending a lot of time in kitchen and other household work. We spend a long day at office and return home around 9pm every day. Later, we do some more household work, prepare food, have dinner and then sleep off soon after that. The time we spend outside includes a considerable amount of driving time too since our offices are far from our home. Also, since the weather is either too hot or cloudy these days, I travel with S in our car.

The time we spend in the car is the only time we get to share a few moments together. We talk about certain things going on in our work lives, current issues going on in our city and nation, and anything and everything that comes to our mind. I cherish these moments that I get to spend with S while we travel to work. My father-in-law is going through a lot of heath issues and S has been constantly supporting him and the rest of the family members from here. He had been to Mumbai for a couple of weeks when my father-in-law was getting treated there. During that time, dad had come over to help us out. I really hope my father-in-law gets well soon and we happen to see him normal and healthy again 🙂

Today, S and I went to the Fitness Equipments’ store. We have been planning to buy an Exercise Cycle Equipment for quite sometime now. Today, we finally went there. We liked one and would be soon placing an order. I am so excited about buying it. I love cycling, and I am looking forward to inculcating it as a good habit in my daily routine.

What’s up with you all? I do read your posts whenever I happen to get sometime. It’s really nice reading about each one of you. I feel so connected all the time. Keep up the good work and stay happy!


A lovely day!

Today, I took a compensatory off from work since I worked on the weekend. S was also working-from-home as he had some important personal work too.

I took rest the whole day – no getting up early, no rushing to prepare food, no rushing to get ready, and no returning home late in the evening from office. It feels so good to get some rest after the hard-work we put up in the last week. We prepared some decent food at home and enjoyed the day. In the evening, we went out and met some of our old friends from our previous office. It felt really nice to see them after so long 🙂

Also, today we booked train tickets for Papa. Papa would be visiting us in Bangalore next week and would be staying here for quite sometime. This is the first time after our marriage Papa is coming over to stay with us. Mummy had come here recently, but Papa couldn’t accompany her because of his work and other responsibilities. Also, S would be traveling for sometime in the next week. My father-in-law is not keeping well from quite sometime, and S is going to get him treated from a good hospital in Mumbai. I pray things go well and he is treated soon.