Love story!

Today, I would write about S’s and mine love story. S proposed me when I was going through a tough phase in life. I had already started liking him the way he liked me, but when he proposed, I asked him to give me some time. I wanted to come out of the problem that I was facing before I say “Yes” to him. I was struggling to come out of the problem that I faced in those days. There was undue pressure created by my family members asking me to shift to Pune. Also, I was going through some health issues. I tried many options of work-from-home for a long period, convince the family members to shift to Bangalore with me, but none worked out. I continued looking out for other options and discussing with my family members.

While I was busy with the struggle, S was always there supporting me in every decision that I took. He even said that he would completely support my decision of moving to Pune, if at all I decide upon it. There was no pressure from him for getting an answer to his proposal. As I was moving on with my struggle, it was already two months since he proposed me. By then, he had assumed the answer as a “No”. S was also going through a struggle then, in fact a greater one than mine. But, he appeared very strong all the time as he knew he had to be present for me as a good friend. I feel really sad sometimes that I couldn’t be there for him like the way he was there for me during that phase. Things would have been easier if I gave my answer (which was a “Yes”) immediately. We would have gotten together much before and could help each other in our problems in a better way. The struggle would have been much easier to cope up with if we were together. But, I must say, S didn’t leave me alone even when he thought the answer was a “No”. He was there whenever I felt the need for a friend.

One fine day, I realized I delayed a lot in answering to S’s proposal. I had liked him always for the way he understood and cared for me. In fact, I must say, he has been the best listener in my life. He listens and understands every little thing that I say with patience and love. The answer to his proposal was always a “Yes”. I had sorted out the problem that I faced during the previous two months. On that day, I talked to him as I did everyday. I knew I had to say something more, but wasn’t clear what to say. S was looking at me patiently. He was very clear that I was going to say something special that day. I looked totally confused, but he didn’t give me a hint at all. We had lunch together. During the lunch too, I felt as though something close to my heart was going too far from me, so far that I might not be able to get it back again. But, I couldn’t figure out what exactly I wanted to say. Ha ha 😀 Funny me! All the time, S just looked at me and gave a slight smile. He didn’t say anything regarding what he noticed in my eyes. After office hours, S said that he would leave for his place. I felt a heavy burden on my heart that moment. I knew he would still be around for me, but got a weird feeling as though he was going too far from me. I asked him to walk for a while with me. He did. He was just talking to me on how I need to be strong and happy all the time. It is really important for me and he would be always there for me as a friend. There was a sudden reaction from me. I started crying, so much so, that I couldn’t stop the tears from running down my eyes. I finally realized what I had to say. I broke the silence after so long!
This time, I proposed S and asked him to be my partner for a life-time. I told him that he is the best person of my life, I wish to see him as my life-partner, and I cannot imagine my life without him. S smiled and said that he would love to. He then told me that he knew from the beginning that I was going to propose him that day. He chose not to give me a hint and allow it to happen at the right time 😉


Goodness prevails even today

My mom left last week as her presence was much-needed at home. My husband and I went to the Railway Station to bade her goodbye. I had booked her train ticket on the internet and had selected the lower berth as she has a back-ache problem and cannot climb onto the upper berths. The ticket got booked despite the fact that there were no lower berths available. I assumed they gave the lower berth and didn’t inquire further.

On reaching the station, we got into the train. We got to know that unfortunately she got the upper-most berth. I was worried about what to do. The people around were also quite aged and hence we couldn’t get much help from them. One lady was traveling with a baby in the same compartment and her husband had already exchanged berths with another aged couple. Hence, no chance of asking them for help. There was one side lower berth which looked vacant but nobody had come to occupy. My husband talked to the TC and requested him to get berths exchanged with the guy who didn’t arrive yet. The TC said he would try, but it would be better if we personally requested the occupant.

We told the lady in the compartment to help mummy in case she had trouble talking to the TC or the occupant. She seemed pretty sweet and said she’d help. My husband, my mom and I were waiting on the platform and discussing what could be done. Somebody was standing beside us who overheard our conversation and asked us if he could help. We learned that he was given the middle berth. So, just in case, the side-lower occupant doesn’t agree, mummy could exchange her upper berth with his middle berth. Mummy said she would try climbing the middle berth. Something is better than nothing. We were happy after talking to that uncle and requested him to help mummy as she was traveling alone and was carrying a lot of luggage. That uncle said that he’d help and talk to the TC again if required. We heaved a sigh of relief. There are good people in this world and we were fortunate to find one that day!

Later, the train started moving and we bade goodbye to mummy with a hope that she’d get the side-lower berth. After sometime mummy called up to inform us that the TC was really helpful. He remembered that my husband had already requested for exchange of berths. When the side-lower occupant arrived, he explained him the scenario and got his berth exchanged with mummy’s upper berth. We were so glad to know that. I learned a lesson that I need to be careful when I book tickets for elderly people. We may not be as lucky always as we were that day! 🙂 But, a sign of goodness from some people around made us feel so happy that day.

A promise

There were times I spoke nicely to a person and the person reacted rudely. At that point I just ignored it and still tried my best to be normal. But later when I thought about that thing, I felt I should have answered back to the person at that very moment. The next time, I tried again to be nice, but the same incident repeated. A couple of times I ignored the rudeness thinking I might be wrong. The person might have been just normal. But, when it repeated I realised I was not wrong. Initially, I used to get irritated at myself for being so over-nice to people and giving them a chance to be rude to me repeatedly. Over a period of time, due to my discomfort at facing the rudeness I resorted to talking less with the person. But, that too put me on the wrong side. The person then got a chance to say that I don’t talk much like I used to before. I wondered why I was being judged so much despite being nice always.
Recently, on the new years’ eve I made a promise to myself that I will not run away from such situations by talking less to the person. I will talk like I always did. It is my duty to do it. But, I am not going to let the person hurt me anymore. If the person says something rude to me I would react back that very moment. I have to bring about this change in myself and I would do it this year. I don’t want my niceness to be taken for granted any more!

A simple celebration

This year our new year celebration was very simple because of my health issues. My mom has come to our place a few days back to spend some time with us and help us out during this tough phase. This year, we celebrated the New years’ with her.
Mummy cooked food in the afternoon and I helped her too. It’s nearly after 2 years I am having food made by her. Since mummy was fasting that day, she prepared Khichdi for lunch. It is one of my favorites. We had food in the afternoon and we made simple plan for the evening celebration. The celebration was planned by my dear husband.
This year the 1st of January occurred on an auspicious occasion of a Ganesha festival(Angarika Chaturthi). So, we visited the Ganesha temple in the evening. I must say there were a lot of devotees who waited in a long queue to get inside the temple. At the Ganesha temple, some ladies were performing classical dance and they were doing it really gracefully. We enjoyed watching their performance while we waited in the queue. When we got inside the temple we prayed in front of the Almighty, took the prashaad and then left from there. Truly, visiting the temple makes one feel so peaceful.
We started towards our next destination i.e. one of our favorite restaurants. We reached the restaurant and ordered the food that we had tried before. Though the service was slow, we enjoyed the dinner. So, this was our simple celebration. When we reached home, we were so tired that we had no energy left to do anything else. We talked for a while and went off to sleep. 🙂

Retrospect and wishes!

The new year commences today and I return to my Blog world. I had taken a short break as I was facing some health-related issues. On this occasion, I wish each one of you and your family a wonderful new year. Pray this new year brings loads of happiness in your life. The last year brought a lot of changes in my life and I would write about them briefly.
1. I got married last year in January to the person who had been my best friend in life. This was the biggest and the best happening that took place.
2. I had disconnected from many of my near ones in the previous year i.e. 2011 for some or the other reason. I got connected to them once again and I feel really happy about it.
3. I faced a lot of health-related issues. Though sometimes it got really tough for me, I could cope up with it because of my husband and my dear ones. I am still facing some issues, but working on them and hope to get in the pink of health soon 🙂
4. I took a break from my office work for taking care of myself and giving time to my other interests. Though I was not working professionally, I was full-time working at my home. I did not opt for household help from a maid. I preferred trying everything myself as I really wanted to do it. I realized during this phase that I am a good home-maker 😉 I would love to get back to professional work soon, but only after I recover from my health issues.

Overall, the year 2012 was very good for me, keeping aside my health issues. I would want to look towards my health issues positively as a learning experience on how to take better care of myself. Touching wood! I am looking forward towards the new year with a lot of positivity, not just for myself,my family and friends, but the society as a whole. As the year 2012 ended, it made us realize that there are a lot of flaws in our society as to how women are looked at. We all need to realize that women should be given more respect in our society and we together need to work towards changing the current scenario. On that note, I will wind up my conversation friends. Have a wonderful new year! 🙂