Cleanliness fever!

Yesterday, I couldn’t sleep well at night as I was getting all weird dreams. I got a dream where the whole house is a mess and the bathroom is also so unclean. I am unable to stay in our house and finding options of moving out somewhere. It was a nightmare. I got so scared that I woke up abruptly and didn’t get sleep again for quite sometime.

I guess I have mentioned this in one of my previous posts that I am very particular about keeping the kitchen and the bathroom clean all the time. I clean up the kitchen slab and the gas stove after cooking. I wash the utensils very nicely. I keep the kitchen sink also very clean. Apart from all this, I like things to be kept at a proper place in an apple-pie order. There are little compartments that we have created for different kinds of stuff in the house. I like to keep the things back in place after use. If any place gets messy, I try to clean it up and make it neat.

When I was staying as a paying guest too, I made sure my room looked neat and nice. The landlady there often appreciated the way I took care of the room she provided us. She often said to me, “You room is always neat and clean. I don’t need to worry about it”. And, may be because of the cleanliness she maintained at the house I was able to stay there for 5 long years.

I have a lot of people in my life whom I got bonded to at some or the other point in life. I try to be there for them whenever they need me and also have fun times with them. But, when it comes to staying over at someone’s place I am not so comfortable. I like to go back to our place at night and relax at home rather than stay at somebody else’s place. If I see somebody’s house is really nicely kept, I don’t mind staying over, but otherwise I prefer not 😀

Before meeting S and getting married to him, I strongly wished for something. I wanted my life-partner to understand my cleanliness and neatness habits and totally respect them when we stay together. I am glad that S understands me well in this respect and does his best to keep things nice and neat. I am so thankful to God for that.

But, don’t know why, sometimes I dread that I might be put into a condition where the house will be untidy and my living will get difficult. Yesterday night was one of those times 😀 I know I should just let go and not worry about the future 🙂 Things will be taken care of!

A letter to a special one

Today, in the morning, I suddenly remembered a special person of my life and I broke down with tears in my eyes. The special person was my dad’s only sister. She left the world at a very early age due to an accident, but she has made a mark in our lives which cannot be erased.

I cried as I felt sorry for not having thought about her during the period of marriage. In the hustle-bustle of the marriage proceedings, I totally forgot that I had to have a little word with this special person of my life. I am sure she would have been very happy to see me getting married if she would have been present today. But, I am thankful that dad made sure that her photograph was placed at the ceremony so that we feel her presence and her blessings while the proceedings were going on.

I have a few things to say to you my aunt which have been there in my mind, but I have never expressed so openly to you. I was studying in school when we got the news that you are no more with us. I still remember I cried so much that night for not getting a chance to speak to you for one last time.

Today, I would like to confess that I still remember you. I remember you as a lady who was an epitome of love and strength. I remember you as the only lady in my life who could ride a Bajaj Scooter so gracefully. I remember you as a lady who went through tough times but still wore a smile over her face. I remember those weekends when I and sis visited your place and you showered so much love, just like a mother would do. I remember you looking after a grocery shop and a beauty parlour with so much dedication. I remember the little gifts you bought for us whenever you visited our place. I remember the times when you, dad and mom had long conversations over a cup of tea. Dad always looks up to you and asks us to become like you. Today, I understand what he means by that. “Be loving and strong at the same time. Give to your loved ones without expectations and strive hard for your living. Never stop working hard in life. Also, never forget to wear a smile on the face no matter how tough situations are”.

I have already entered a new phase of life and I am sure you are watching me from wherever you are. I have received your blessings. Thanks for being with us. You would be glad to know that your favorite kid from the family(my younger sis) is also soon going to enter a new phase of life. Shower your blessings upon her too 🙂

Life’s little lesson

When mom had come home to stay with us, most of the times, she cooked the food. I helped her with cutting the veggies and she prepared the dish.

One day, I prepared one veggie dish and the other one was prepared by mama. The dish that I prepared didn’t turn out to be as good as it always used to be. There was something missing in the dish and I realized it the moment I tasted it. Mama served both the veggies in her plate and she started to have. I knew that she also realized that there was something slightly missing in the dish, but she smiled and said,”It has turned out to be tasty”. It was probably the first or the second time she had something that I prepared from the core and she didn’t want to make me feel demotivated by saying there is a slight mistake 🙂 But, I realized my mistake and I told her where I went wrong while preparing. She said, “Yes, probably that could have enhanced the taste. Nevertheless, the dish is nice” 🙂 I smiled. She had it and even asked me to pack it in her tiffin. She was leaving for home-town on the same day. Though she asked me to pack only the veggie that I made, I silently packed the one that she made 😉 I must say, I was happy that she had the dish prepared by me though it was not up to the mark. At the same time, I knew I had fallen short and I need to improve. Falling short in front of the person whom you’ve learnt from all your life can certainly push you for further improvement. Mama left and I promised to myself that I will improve my culinary skills.

From that day, I have been consciously making an effort to become a better cook. S often tells me that I cook well and his compliments motivate me a lot. Recently, I again prepared the same dish again. And, you know what, it turned out to be so good. On the same day, when mama called me I reminded her of the incident. I told her that I tried it again without making a mistake this time. And, it has turned out to be good. I even told her where I learnt the dish from and how much I like it. I was feeling so happy while I narrated it to her 😀

I learnt one thing that day from mama. If you motivate someone by appreciating the effort the person has taken, the person would never feel bad about the little mistakes that he\she has made. Instead, he would realize and work towards improvement with a positive spirit.
I must keep this lesson with me always 🙂

Food Food!

Today, in the morning, hubby prepared Litti for breakfast. It is a snack made out of roasted gram flour(Sattu). This dish is very popular at in-laws side. Sattu is supposed to be very good for health. It is strengthening, cooling and light meal as it is rich in soluble fiber.

I tasted this dish first when mom-in-law made it. Since then, I’ve been asking S to make it at home again. Today, he made it and I liked it a lot 🙂 It is nice to try out traditional dishes of a particular region. I love to try out dishes from various regions of India. Having Litti in the morning was a wonderful start to the day. S is a great cook certainly and I love to have whatever he prepares 🙂

These days, I am trying different things in the kitchen. Last week, I made chicken at home for the first time. It turned out good and S loved it. I was so glad as it was my first attempt. I also get a lot of recipes from mama over the phone. Mama also takes few recipes from me and I feel good when she calls to ask me. I go through a lot of recipes online and I watch a lot of them on television too. In short, these days I am trying my best to become a good cook 🙂 Wish me luck friends 🙂

Welcoming rains

On Saturday, S and I prepared Aamras and Attu(Wheat dosa) at home. Four weeks back, My grandma had sent the flour by courier since she was doubtful if we’d be able to make good Attus using the packaged flour. But, since we didn’t get time on the last few weekends, we thought we’d postpone it. Finally, we made it on Saturday. Thankfully, S managed to get good mangoes from the market though the rainy season has commenced and summer has ended.

Along with Attus, Aamras, we also made Onion Pakodas and Thesa(Mirch Chutni). The food was extremely tasty. After the meal, we rested for a while and then rushed to the movie theater. We watched the movie, “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani”. The movie was quite confusing, nevertheless we enjoyed it.

On our way back to the parking space, it was drizzling and the weather was lovely. The nice aroma emanating from the ground was mesmerizing. It felt as though we had been outside after a long long time 🙂