Happy Holi

Holi is a festival which is celebrated for the win of good over evil. A lot of things have happened in the last few months which have taken off a few dark clouds from our lives. Last year brought a lot of dark colors in life with respect to relationships and health. But, after this year began, it brought about a rainbow of bright colors in our lives. It felt as though the dark colors were magically getting transformed to the brighter ones. So, we should never lose hope when we see dark clouds. Keep faith in the Almighty, ignore the dark colors, enjoy every single moment and constantly work towards getting the brighter colors and I am sure you would never be disappointed.
On this occasion, I take a pledge to turn a blind eye towards the dark colors and appreciate the bright colors in life. This will be my mantra for life-time. Happy Holi friends! Hope you’ll have a great time with family and friends.

Walks to remember

These days my husband and I wake up early in the morning and go for a morning walk. It feels so nice to walk on the road which is surrounded by so many trees. I love to listen to the sounds of the birds, spot them and try to identify them. A few minutes spent walking together gives us a nice feeling. We get to talk to each other over a lot of topics. And, more importantly, we feel so refreshed and energetic after the walk. Every day, after the walk I feel so grateful to the Almighty for giving me a wonderful partner. Each day seems so beautiful because of his presence in my life. I would love to continue my little walks with him forever 🙂

Since the summer has begun and the weather is too hot, I’ve started keeping some water for the birds in our balcony. I haven’t spotted any bird while drinking. I guess they would take sometime to find it. But, I feel nice that I’m trying to save the birds in my own little way.

A wonderful journey

On Sunday, my husband and I booked tickets for the movie – Jolly LLB. While we were traveling from our home to the cinema hall, we came across a stretch of lovely Pink Tabebuia trees. My husband drove through that stretch and it was a lovely experience for both of us. I clicked a couple of pictures using my mobile phone.

Here are some of them –








The short journey amidst the wonderful creations of Mother Nature can only make one realize that when you have a wonderful partner in life, the journey is all that matters 🙂 I am glad I have a wonderful partner. A few lovely moments spent with him make me feel so blessed.

Some more pink!


I clicked the above picture yesterday. My husband and I had visited the Eye hospital for a routine Eye check-up. On the way, we saw a lot of Pink Tabebuia trees. After reaching the hospital, we took an appointment. Since there was a long queue for check-ups, we were informed that the waiting time would be at least half an hour. We thought we’d go out, walk for a while and then return to the hospital. There was a guy selling coconut water outside the hospital. This is one of the best things about the city. A lot of people sell tender coconut across the city. Tender coconut has a lot of health benefits. Also, you feel extremely refreshed after having some of it. We had coconut water and then we clicked this picture.

Pink everywhere!

Today, my husband and I were traveling from home to meet someone. On our way, we saw a stretch of lovely Pink Tabebuia trees. They are found everywhere in the city during this time of the year. They add so much to the beauty of the city. While my husband was driving, I couldn’t stop gazing at the trees and smiling happily. I took some quick clicks with my mobile camera.

Here are the pictures –






Please excuse the inaccuracy. We couldn’t stop to click as we were traveling in heavy traffic area.