My love for colors!

On a Friday, on the occassion of Holi, S and I went to office. We didn’t take a leave from work. While, riding my scooter on the way to office, the weather was super-nice, slightly cloudy and a cool breeze was hitting over my face. The best part was that there was very less traffic on the roads. I enjoyed the drive so much 🙂 Riding on the same old road felt so peaceful and nice. When there are fewer people on the road, especially the ones who do not honk incessantly, it feels so good to drive.

The weather in Bangalore has changed in the last week. It feels pleasant unlike the usual hot summer days. Also, I get to see so many colorful trees these days. Even during the late morning hours, we can hear the birds chirping and it feels so musical.The flowers on the trees are like treat for the eyes, the pink Tabebuia trees are found all across the city and they are my favorite ones too. Also, the teck-park where I work has become super-colorful with flowers of all colors – yellow, red, white, purple and so on. I love to drive to office these days. This is the best part of Bangalore – it’s beauty and I am so glad that S and I chose this city to settle down 🙂

I do not like to play with colors during Holi. I don’t mind playing with water though ;), I love water to the core! But, after the festival the entire city has been painted with lovely natural colors and I enjoy watching them again and again. So, that’s what I meant by my love for colors. He He 😀






Happy Holi

Holi is a festival which is celebrated for the win of good over evil. A lot of things have happened in the last few months which have taken off a few dark clouds from our lives. Last year brought a lot of dark colors in life with respect to relationships and health. But, after this year began, it brought about a rainbow of bright colors in our lives. It felt as though the dark colors were magically getting transformed to the brighter ones. So, we should never lose hope when we see dark clouds. Keep faith in the Almighty, ignore the dark colors, enjoy every single moment and constantly work towards getting the brighter colors and I am sure you would never be disappointed.
On this occasion, I take a pledge to turn a blind eye towards the dark colors and appreciate the bright colors in life. This will be my mantra for life-time. Happy Holi friends! Hope you’ll have a great time with family and friends.