Patience is a must!

A few weeks back, S ordered a pair of glasses from an online shopping site. He filled in the details related to the power while placing the order.

After some days, S received the glasses. He wore them. He felt uneasy while he was wearing them. He kept them aside. We visited a store close to our house and got the power of the glasses checked. There was a difference in power. S contacted the service counter, raised a complaint and sent them back. He placed a new order this time selecting a new pair of glasses altogether.

Again, the new pair of glasses was delivered within few days. This time also S felt uneasy after wearing them. We got them checked at the store where they informed that the power was right. S wore them again, but with no luck! There seemed to be some difference. S again called at the service counter and raised a complaint.

The online shopping site people arranged for a check-up. They sent their team to S’s office. They checked his power and the pair of glasses too. They realized that they haven’t taken the axis information from the customer on their site. In fact, there is no provision for giving the axis details on their site. This was a drawback in their ordering system. S suggested them that they need to incorporate this provision as it is very necessary. They thanked S for his inputs and assured that they would process them as soon as possible. Also, they took all the axis related details from S and placed a new order.

Today, finally, S received the new pair of glasses. They seem to be perfectly fine this time. I am so happy 🙂 I must say, S has a lot of patience when he needs to get things done. He never gives up at the first shot. He keeps trying till things are rectified. I love this quality of S. Also, during the process, he makes people realize what they need to do to ensure better customer satisfaction. Most of the times, people appreciate it and promise to work towards improvement 🙂


S and I

Our Sundays are very relaxing. The best part about them is the breakfast that we have on Sundays. We prepare omelette and fresh fruit juice in the mornings. After having that, we feel so happy and satisfied. That feeling lasts quite sometime and then we wait for the next Sunday only to get that feeling back 😀

Whenever we need to buy something, we put in a lot of effort to get exactly what we want. It might take days to get the right thing, but we keep trying and trying. Finally, when we get what we wished for, the feeling is totally inexplicable. After seeing that thing, the hard work and research seems really worth 🙂 This often happens to us when we plan for shopping something 🙂

Little stories!

S and I generally have dinner, watch television for sometime and then go to sleep. Yesterday, I was so tired that I went off to sleep while watching television. This often happens when I do a lot of work during the day and don’t take any rest in the afternoons 🙂 S wakes me up. I get up, rush to the bed-room and fall asleep there 😀 The sound sleep that I get after the day-long work is total bliss!

Yesterday, my mother was talking to over the phone in the afternoon. We were discussing on some matter and suddenly I realized there is no response from the other end. I said, “Hello!”, to confirm that she is still on the call. She had fallen asleep while she was talking to me :D.I laughed and I asked her to take rest. I told her that we could talk later 🙂

Motivated by her happiness

Yesterday, my mother went to Pune with my sisters for my sister’s entrance exam. I hope she did well in the exam and scores well 🙂

Yesterday, I was thinking over the times when I was studying. My mother used to come to drop me at the examination hall. She did this for 12 long years. I remember very well, she came to drop me till my classroom during my 12th Board Examination. She waited outside the class-room even after the teacher got inside and distributed the question paper. I was sitting in the 2nd row somewhere in the middle of the classroom, but I could still see her from the window. I waved at her saying that I’m fine and asked her to go home. She didn’t move from there. She just nodded and waited there.

I started looking at the question paper. I started answering the questions. I looked at my mother who was still waiting outside. She smiled and waved goodbye to me. I also smiled back 🙂 She was just waiting till I start writing. She got immense pleasure whenever she saw me appearing for the examination. I got a lot of motivation because of her smile and I tried my best to perform to the best of my capability.

When I finished the examination, I re-checked my answers. I then handed-over my answer sheet to the examiner and stepped out of the class-room. And you know what, the moment I stepped outside I saw my mother waiting there for me. She always managed to reach the classroom before the examination got over. She asked me how I did with great curiosity. Like I did most of the times, I said that it went good and she was super-happy after hearing that 🙂

Sharing a wish..

I have been very career-oriented in my life. I was really studious during my school and college days. I always did my best to score really good in my exams. When I started working, I gave the best at my work-place. I loved the kind of work I was doing and wanted to continue it after marriage too. But, due to some personal reasons, I had to take a break from work. My break got extended because of some health-related issues. I’m trying my best to recover from the illness. The doctors say it would take one year to completely recover from it, but I strongly believe I will surely come out of it soon. In fact, I’m already feeling good, but I do understand that I need to take rest for some more time.

During this period, there has been one person who has always stood by me and that is my husband. I feel really blessed to have him around. He takes immense care and keeps reminding me that I am totally alright already. His motivation keeps me going as every day passes by. Also, my mother calls up often to ask how I am doing and to talk to me for sometime over various topics. When she calls me, I do feel good. I like it when she tells me about her routine activities. During this phase, it is certainly a blessing to have her around though she is staying in a different city.

To keep myself busy and motivated, I do all household work and enjoy it too. I do not feel as though I am going through a period of illness since I have become strong over a period of time. I have recovered quite a lot because of my positive approach towards the illness. I strongly believe that medicines work well only when you are happy and positive. I spend little time everyday in thanking the Almighty for keeping me happy, energetic and positive. I have a wish, a wish to get back to working in a company. I am sure this period of illness rest\vacation will end soon and I will get back with a lot of energy and enthusiasm 🙂