A thought!

Smile, smile and only smile. It is only a constant smile that can you keep you going on in life 🙂


Happy Birthday Mom!

A “Thank You” would not suffice for what you have done for me since the time you gave birth to me, but today on the occasion of your birthday, I would take the opportunity to thank you for everything, dearest mother.

Since I was the first child in the family, I remember you had to go through a lot of struggles to bring me up in the way you wished. You were hell-bent upon getting me educated in the top-most English-medium school in Pune, when not everyone supported that decision of yours. You always felt getting your child educated from an English medium school is really important and you took your stand. That one decision of yours made a great difference in my life. You ran around to find the best tutors in the school in order to get the best out of me in my studies. I remember seeing your struggle, and it was only for you, I worked hard to get the first rank in my class in the 6th Standard. Since then, I have never looked back. You kept motivating me and I kept moving on in life as I wished to. What i am today is because of your hard work and support.

Today, despite the fact that I don’t get to see you often, let me tell you that I think of you often. The little things that you do for me now like sending us the sweets by courier during the festive season, calling us up and wishing us on all of the auspicious occasions, describing me everything happening at home, does keep me more closer to you. As you know and you understand that I don’t get to meet you often, but I still try my best to be there for you. Doing the little things for you keeps me happy and I would always be there for you.

Today, I pray that your health issues would soon get over and you’d feel more energetic.

With love,