Bright and Pure!

When I was in high school, I had set a rule for myself. The rule was that I bought atleast one white dress every year. There wasn’t anybody who asked me to follow this rule, but I did follow it diligently, mainly because of my love for the color white. In the last few years, I haven’t been able to stick to this rule. This was not because of any specific reason, but I just missed it.

From last couple of months, I have been repeatedly saying to S that I need to buy one white dress this year. When we visited my in-laws’ place, we bought few dress materials from a store in the city. We made sure one of them was in the color White. Recently, S and I gave the cloth to a tailor and asked him to stitch a nice kurta. Yesterday, we brought the kurta from the tailor’s store. The kurta was perfectly made and we were so happy about it. S was so excited that he put the kurta in the washing machine immediately after returning home. You know why?? Yeah, you guessed right. He wanted me to wear it the next day(today) to office 🙂 These are the little things that S keeps doing and I can’t stop myself from loving him more and more 🙂

Today, when I dressed up and looked into the mirror, I felt so peaceful, happy and confident. There is something about the color WHITE. I don’t know whether it’s the purity of the color or the brightness that it brings over the face or plainly my love for the color, that makes me feel wonderful when I wear a white-colored dress.

Happy driving!

After a year’s break, I started riding my TVS Scooty again. I enjoy the ride from home to office and vice versa. Riding my bike gives me extreme joy. It instills a lot of confidence within me and gives me a sense of freedom. I have been riding a two-wheeler from the time I joined college and I have always enjoyed it to the core. Today, on my way towards my office, all the memories attached to riding my bike in the past came to live again.

Riding reminds me of those days when I was studying in an Engineering college in Pune. My college was situated quite far from my house. Early in the morning, before 8 a.m., I rode to college on my TVS Scooty. The times I spent riding were one of the best times then. I got drenched in rain during the heavy rains. I got sun-burnt and dehydrated during the peak-summer days. I shivered when the winter breezes blew towards me while riding. I got stuck on the roads in the heavy traffic hours. But, nothing could ever take away or diminish the happiness that I got every time I rode my TVS Scooty. I enjoyed driving thoroughly and it had become an integral part of my life then.

Riding also reminds me of the days when I rode to office in Bangalore. I often sung songs while riding. Sometimes, I was so loud that even people beside me could hear me, but I never bothered. I know that sounds funny 😀 But, if a car can have a sound system and a bike can’t, why can’t I entertain myself by singing, right friends ;)? Though the traffic conditions got worse sometimes, I still managed to keep my cool and drive patiently and I feel that was a great achievement for me. Driving taught me to become more patient in life. And, believe it or not, I have become much more patient and understanding in life than I was some years back. A major part of the credit goes to driving without any doubt 🙂 When S and I became friends, he would often ride pillion with me and I enjoyed those rides a lot. S always appreciated the way I drove and that instilled more confidence within me 🙂

S and I are very attached to our TVS Scooty because of the moments we shared while I rode. We treat it like our baby. We even greet it while we watch it standing in the parking lot 😉 In the last year, when I wasn’t driving much, S often went to the parking space and started the bike just to check whether it’s doing fine 🙂 You won’t believe that our Scooty is almost 12 years old, but still runs brilliantly. Touch wood! Today, as I was riding I realized that driving is one activity in my life that has surely added to my happiness in the past and it will continue in future too. And hence, I would never want to give it up in life 🙂

New Year Celebration!

On the last day of the year, I planned out for the New Year’s celebration without letting S know about it. I wanted to thank S for the wonderful time we spent together in 2013, and hence I thought of giving him a surprise. I ordered for a Black Forest cake for the celebration. After leaving from the office, I visited the super-market to buy some food-stuff I required for the dinner. Then, I collected some stuff for decorating the house from a store near our house. I kept all the stuff at home and then went to collect the cake from the cake-shop. In the meantime, S called if everything was fine. I usually send him a message after reaching home. Since he didn’t get the message even after 2 hours from the time I left office, he was worried 🙂 I told him that I visited the super-market for shopping and would soon return home. But, I am sure he sensed that I was planning out something 😉 It is so difficult to keep your surprises hidden from your husband, isn’t it?

After reaching home, I was terribly tired as there was too much traffic on the roads that day. I took rest for a while and then started decorating the wall in front of our dining table. The wall was looking good after the decorations were done. I placed some floating candles in a bowl of water and I kept the bowl in the center of the table. Though I wanted to finish off everything before S reached home, it didn’t happen because I couldn’t reach home on time. The credit goes to the traffic here 😉 When I started with the preparations in the kitchen, S reached home. S saw the decorated wall and the candles and he was completely taken aback. He was very happy that I took so much effort to plan for a celebration. He then joined in the preparations. We together made Pav-Bhaji for dinner. S also blew the balloons and added few more colors on the wall. When the dinner was ready, we lit the floating candles and enjoyed the meal. The Pav-Bhaji turned out to be really delicious. S kept saying that he was so happy about the way I planned out for the evening.

At midnight, we cut the cake, wished each other and then went off to sleep at once. We were too tired to even watch television that night 🙂 And at the end of it, I was super-happy that my plan of making S happy had worked out well.

Food, Fun & Shopping Unlimited!

On Saturday, S and I went out for lunch and shopping. We had some nice food at one of the restaurants that we visit often. After lunch, we started off with shopping. When we reached the Home Center section in the mall, we thought of trying out our luck in the table cloths’ section once again. We have been looking for an appropriate table-cloth from quite sometime and we’ve tried our luck a lot of times, but in vain. We even bought one from the same place, but returned it as it didn’t fit our dining table well. But, on Saturday, to our surprise, we got a table-cloth which perfectly fitted our table. I must have mentioned this before too, that S and I patiently wait for something that we really want. We never compromise and buy in haste. When we do get what we wished for, the happiness it brings about is something that can’t be expressed in words.

On Sunday, we received an invitation from a friend to attend his wife’s birthday party. They had invited us and a few other friends for lunch at the restaurant named “Chulha chauki da dhaba”. Earlier, I had told S that I wished to go out that day on my Scooty and I want him to ride pillion. But, we were late for lunch and hence we dropped the plan of going on my bike. The restaurant was decent. The stone-flooring, dim lights and the seating arrangements gave a perfect Dhaba look to the restaurant. The food was tasty, but an overdose of spices 😉

After having lunch, S suggested that we could go for Bowling in Amoeba. I had been asking S to take me there from quite sometime, but because of the medication that I am undergoing, we couldn’t plan it out. Seven of us went to Amoeba and had a lot of fun there. And, guess what, I scored the second-highest points while bowling. Yippee! 🙂 🙂 Later, we played some more games and had some more fun. And then, we gathered at a restaurant, had some tea/coffee/milkshake which was much-needed after all that loud music and fun. We departed after sometime.

On the way back home, although we were tired, we decided to go for shopping in the complex close to our house. I asked S if we could go on my Scooty. I told him that I would love to drive if he accompanied me on the Scooty and he agreed 🙂 It felt so magical to drive towards the shopping complex while my dear husband was enjoying the cool breeze that blew over his face. It reminded me of the days when S and I worked in the same organization and he often rode pillion with me on my TVS Scooty. Those are one of best memories of my life which I would treasure till eternity. So, yes, my wish did come true that day! We ordered for some furniture and did some shopping at the complex. After we reached home, we relaxed, had food and slept off happily. It was a great weekend! 🙂