Connected to a song

I watched the movie “Anjaana Anjaani” with my dear husband (then friend), my brother and his wife. At that point of time, my husband and I were going through a similar phase in life. Our parents were worried about our marriage. You know how it gets when you cross 25. Everyone around you talks about marriage. Even if your parents understand your state and support you till your “time arrives”, there are others who keep pestering them with questions related to your marriage. We knew that sometime soon we’d have to get married, but never knew who that person would be. Should we ask our parents to go ahead and look for somebody? OR Should we ask for time and search for our life-partner all by ourselves? If we do the latter, will we be fortunate to find that SPECIAL SOMEONE? There were a lot of questions that were going on in my mind. And since my husband was a good friend then, I knew he was also sailing in the same boat.

The movie was pretty decent. We enjoyed the movie. But what made a difference was the song, “Tu na jaane aas paas hai Khuda”. While listening to the song, I got completely mesmerized and lost in the song. It conveyed such a beautiful message. You need to keep working on your dreams even if you find darkness on your chosen path. The Almighty is always with you and one day he will enlighten you. After watching the movie, on our way back to my brother’s place, my husband and I were happily humming the song. It was as though someone had enlightened us. After that day, we met each other a couple of times. Gradually, we realised that the person whom we were looking for was always in front of us. The realisation happened to both of us almost at the same time. How unbelievably beautiful it was! I really have no words to express how I felt at that moment when I realised that my good friend was the person who was destined to be my life-partner. I wonder why that realisation had to happen so late though we knew each other for nearly five long years. I guess there is a right time for everything and that day and that time was perfect for us. He enlightens you only when He feels it is right.

It would be hard to believe if I’d say that I must have heard the song countless number of times. The more I listen to it, the more I fall in love with it. It reminds me of those beautiful moments of my life when the Almighty had enlightened us and I feel so very happy. My husband also often talks about the song and the message it conveys. Sometimes, a song can connect two people so beautifully. I guess our lives were beautifully designed by the Almighty and I thank Him for everything that He has given us. Touch wood! 🙂

Our little princess

Two days back, it was my second sister’s birthday. I was missing her and was going through a set of childhood photographs that my uncle took when we were kids. My maternal uncle(mamaji) loved to take her photos in those days. She was very cute. She is even now 🙂

We were brought up in a joint family where five different families stayed together. When my sister was born, apart from my father, my first sister and me nobody went to visit my mother at the hospital from the joint family. Everyone was expecting a baby boy and they were disappointed when they got the news. I wonder what difference does it make when a girl child is born. She is an innocent little being who needs love and attention just like a boy child does. My mother was happy but disheartened because nobody came to pay a visit. Thankfully, everyone from my mother’s end were happy and came to visit her at the hospital. My maternal grandfather quoted a few things which consoled my mother and she remembers those words even today. He said, “You’ve got beautiful jewels in the form of three pretty daughters. Mark my words, my daughter, tomorrow they will make you proud. Don’t worry about what the rest of the world has to say”.
My second sister has been very precious to both me and my first sister. We have always been very attached to her and its been a pleasure seeing her growing up so well 🙂 Touch Wood!

Here are some of those beautiful pictures which my uncle had taken –

Sweetly posing

Little things

A kiss on the forehead
By your dear mother,
A smile over the face
Of the one you love,
A hug from a dear one
When you really need it,
A little time spent resting
In the lap of the one who loves,
It is always the little things
That bring so much joy.

An evening spent laughing crazily
With your dear friends,
A cup of coffee and some talk
With the one who loves to listen,
A walk hand in hand
With the love of your life,
A little time spent playing
With an innocent little kid,
It is always the little things
That bring so much joy.

A walk early in the morning
Listening to the songs of the birds,
A gift sent from miles away
By the one who cares,
A prayer extended by a well-wisher
When you are in pain,
A little ride in the car
With a good companion,
It is always the little things
That bring so much joy.

Cute memories

Today is my little sister’s birthday. I have two younger sisters and it is the second one’s birthday today. On the occasion of her birthday, I pray for her well-being and wish her a lot of happiness in life. She is quite close to us and we are proud of her. I would like to narrate some cute childhood memories on this special day. I often think about those moments and I often talk about them too. But, I never get tired of remembering them. Every time I think of them, they bring a smile over my face 🙂

Three of us studied from the same school in Pune. When my second sister was studying in kindergarten, mom used to come to drop us at the school. She often insisted mom to drop her till the classroom. Most of the times the security guard allowed mom to enter the school if we reached before the students assembled for prayer. But, at times, we’d reach just before the assembly began and the guard would not allow mama inside. My sister wouldn’t budge from there and would say that she’d go inside only if both of her elder sisters dropped her till the classroom. I would try to convince her to go with my first sister since her assembly was held later, but she would not listen. Hence, both of us would hold her hand and walk towards her classroom. She was quite heavy then and hence we couldn’t lift her. She would walk slowly and happily enjoying her sisters’ company. I often scolded her for walking slowly since I feared reaching late for the assembly and getting punished by my teacher. She wouldn’t bother and would continue walking at the same pace 😀

After reaching the building in which her classroom was situated, we’d ask her to take her bag. She would insist that one of us should go upstairs and keep her bag inside the classroom. After that, we should bade her goodbye together and then depart 🙂 We followed her instructions and she would then join her classmates for the prayers. How cutely demanding she was! Sometimes, I was punished by my teacher for reaching late at the assembly hall. I would often go home and complain to mama about my sister for walking so slowly. 🙂 Now, when I think of those days I smile. 🙂 Time just flies! She has grown up now and is soon going to be an engineer. Truly speaking, for us she is still the sweet little one who always loved the company of her elder sisters 🙂

Miracles of a peaceful mind

Often when we are tense or when we do things in haste, we are not able to perform to our best. The mind gets so occupied with other thoughts that it fails to work out well on the task at hand. When the mind is at peace and the concentration on the task is more, we go beyond our limits. The results turn out to be really good in such cases. I would like to share an experience from my engineering days which proves the point that I stated.

It was the second year of my engineering study and my practical examinations were going on. During the exam, the examiner placed some chits with problem statements in a box and we had to pick one of them. I picked up a chit with a problem statement which was the most dreaded one amongst the students. Even the toppers of the college dreaded this problem and prayed that they should not get it. Generally, when we get such problem statements we are given an of option of changing the statement. But, this is allowed only after paying a penalty of 10 marks. So if the total is 50, you would have already lost 10 marks for changing the problem statement. When I lifted the chit and saw the statement, the first thought that occurred to me was to change the statement. I thought, “It is better to lose some marks than to fail”. I approached the examiner and asked her to change my problem statement. The examiner had seen my record in the previous semesters and she suggested that I ought to try the difficult problem rather than changing it. After talking to her, my confidence suddenly got boosted and I made up my mind to work on the difficult problem.

I thought over my plan of action for a couple of seconds before starting off with the assignment. I thought that the first thing that I need to do in this situation is to keep my mind as peaceful as possible. I should then write down the logic for performing the practical. And then, I should look at the computer and start programming. I did exactly how I had planned. And to my surprise, I was able to get the exact expected output for the problem statement. After completing the assignment, I went to the examiner and asked her to check the output. She was very happy with my performance and she said, “See, I had told you”. I couldn’t stop myself from thanking her for giving me the right suggestion at the moment. I was glad that I took up the difficult assignment and completed it too.

I would like to share a lesson that I learnt from this experience. We come across difficulties in our life every single day. We need to keep ourselves as peaceful as possible at such times too. When our mind is at peace, we can get the solution to the toughest of the problems. Whenever you come across a difficult situation, keep your mind at peace and concentrate on the problem. Do not worry about the outcome of the problem. Think of a plan of action and implement it with confidence. You would certainly get a good solution to the problem.