To start of with …

Blogging had always been on my TO-DO list.. but had never reached the top as I was tied up with other activities..
Today, I am glad that I am starting of with it..
I have a lot of things running in my mind as I am more of a listener than a talker …
I often write the innumerable things that pop up in my mind in my Diary..
But Diaries are generally kept secret.. My experiences in life need to go beyond those Diaries..
And Blogging is the best way to make your experiences public..
You can anytime get back to them and re-live those experiences.. and not just you.. the other people in your life too..
So, its for me and for the people who love to listen to me, I am starting of with this activity.. 🙂
I would surely not leave it here.. I would keep this blogging space of mine as alive as I am … 🙂