Being happy!

These days I realize more and more that keeping oneself busy is really necessary. One needs to do some kind of work all the time. It keeps the person closer to the Almighty. We can find ‘n’ no of work options if we look around. We just need to be active and open to do the tasks. The reason I say that work is necessary is that work instills a feeling of satisfaction and happiness within us and also boosts our confidence. When a person is happy, he/she turns a blind eye to the problems around. There are multiple negative things going around each one of us. The one who learns to ignore them can be happy all the time. And, the best way to ignore is to keep oneself busy. And needless to say, we need to take enough rest too 😉

So folks, keep working for your living, be happy and healthy and stay away from the negativities in the world. I wish you very happy weekend. Do have a great one. I am excited too as I would be doing some shopping for S and my little cousin this weekend.

Happy and excited!

Next month, my younger sister is going to get engaged to the person she likes. I am happy for her. And I am also happy because this is the first function in the family which mom and dad are organizing peacefully. When S and I got married, we tried our best to get things done as normally as possible. But, since ours was an inter-caste marriage, a lot of things happened in the background. These things affected us and they affected mom and dad too. It had been a tough time for all of us. After sometime, we were successful in settling down things and now everything is fine.

Mom calls me up almost everyday to update about the preparations. It feels good to listen to everything she says. It feels as though I am present there. Also, she has asked us to buy a few things from here i.e. new clothes for herself, papa, S and me. Last weekend, S and I went for shopping and we bought two new sarees for mummy. I hope she likes them. I sent pictures to her in an email, but she wasn’t able to check them out because of network issues. We also bought a lovely ghagra for me. It is golden & red in color. It was selected by S. At first, I was doubtful how it would look when I wear it, but S was very sure that it would look nice. When I tried out, my confusion got cleared completely. I had no option but to agree with S. The shopping phase is still on. I hope we finish off everything before we go.

I pray that everything goes well and the engagement turns out to be nice and peaceful 🙂