Reminiscence triggered by little sounds

Since my house is situated next to a school, I hear all kinds of sounds during the course of the day. In the mornings, I hear the children singing the national anthem during their assembly. Sometimes, I hear somebody talking over the loud-speaker and reading out information to the children. During the afternoons, they shout and have loads of fun. It is quite obvious then that their play time has begun. And, I do not get disturbed by these sounds at all. In fact, I just love them. I kind of wonder what happened the day I don’t happen to hear them much.

Today, I hear a lot of these sounds of these happy children screaming and having fun. It reminds me of my school days. These sounds remind me of some sweet moments from my childhood –
1.My first sister loved to do funny things when we were kids. Grand pa would come to pick us on his scooter after school hours. She would often insist on sitting in the opposite direction facing the vehicles that came towards us. I found it weird and I was generally shy to do it. But, sometimes I would listen to her and we’d both sit that way looking at the vehicles and the people on the road. Even then, I would feel shy and would close my mouth and silently laugh. Her reaction would be exactly opposite. She would clap her hands with glee and laugh away to glory. She enjoyed it to the core.
2.During the lunch hours, either grandpa or papa came to the school and kept our lunch box near the security’s table. Either my first sister or I went to pick up the lunch box and we had lunch together. Though we knew other students in our class, we always had lunch together. Sometimes, some friends did join us, but we would never separate. The space that we shared was something that we could never give up, not even in school.
3. My first sister was really fond of ice-cream. Every day after school, she urged Grand pa to take us to the ice-cream parlor located on M G Road. Often, due to lack of time, my grand pa would give her some coins and would ask her to buy from the school canteen. But, sometimes the canteen would be closed and we’d go to the ice-cream parlor on M G Road. I loved the Bon-Bon ice-cream that they sold there. It was my favorite. My grand pa was greatly fond of ice-cream and because of my sister, he too got a chance to have one 🙂

I often get back to these memories and I feel very good. And, most of these memories get triggered after listening to the children from the school. Hence, I never mind listening to them no matter how loud they are. May God bless them! On this note, I’d take a leave today. The weekend is about to start. I’m sure you were looking forward to it as eagerly as I was. Have a great one!


Flight – the only freedom


Sitting right underneath
The stretch of the clouds
Spreading across the boundless sky
On the terrace of my house
I think deeply and wonder –

Where is the pack of birds
Heading to in a particular direction?
How do they reach this place
Every day almost at the same time?
What is the crow sitting on the fence
Trying to tell me incessantly?
What are the little house sparrows
Munching upon forming a group?
Why is the giant bald eagle
Hovering and looking towards the ground?
Why are the pigeons hiding and sleeping
On the sill of the window?

A lot of questions pop in my mind
I get lost in my thoughts for a while –
Birds seem to have so much freedom
But do they have other challenges in life?
While trying to get an answer to this question,
I ruminate on my set of questions
I realize the answer lies within my questions.

I smile and am filled with amazement –
How equally wonderful every creation
By the Mother Nature is!
We are all free in some way in our lives,
But we are facing our own challenges too 🙂

On a special day…

Today is my first sister’s birthday. On this special day, I would like to write a few words about her.

Though she is younger than me, I never feel that difference in age whenever I talk to her. She has always been more understanding and mature than I am. And, she has been like this since our childhood days. She is good at identifying who is good and who is not in my life. There were times when I would need advice and I would approach her. She has always been there for me at such times. I guess the relationship we share is beyond sisterhood. It is more towards a strong friendship. The best thing about her is that though she has been through a lot of problems in life, she is always happy and at peace. Touch wood! Whenever we all sit at home and laugh over something funny, she is the last one to stop laughing. In fact, she will think over that thing and keep laughing over it again and again without any restraint. I really look up to her for the way I have seen her always. Also, I feel really proud of having her as an inseparable part of my life. On this special occasion, I pray for her all the best in life that she truly deserves. There is a wonderful spark in her beautiful eyes and I am sure that spark would take her a long way. May the Almighty bless her.

Here are a few pictures from her childhood days –




Talking in a meditative manner

There are a few people in one’s life with whom a person can interact peacefully. By peacefully, I mean in a meditative way. It is like you share thoughts with the person and the person concurs and understands every single bit of it. The conversation has equal participation from both ends in terms of talking and listening.
This generally happens when –
1.The person knows you really well and understands every bit of what you say.
2.The person has been through greater experiences in life that he/she has already reached a higher level of understanding.

When you talk to such people, the words keep flowing like a slow stream. The mind gets so peaceful and happy during the conversation that you’d never want the conversation to stop. I have shared an such understanding space with a few in my life.

One of them is my first sister. I remember, when I was doing my engineering, she used to eagerly wait for me to come home during my holidays. On the day I reached home, we would stay awake all night. We would talk over innumerable topics for hours together. It was never difficult to start off on any topic. The topic could something as random as – “How Nature got created so wonderfully?”, and we would discuss over it for hours, completely losing track of time. At times, mama would wake up in the middle of the night. She would ask us to disclose our discussion and get back to bed. But, we’d assure her that we’d sleep off in a while and we’d get back to our conversation. Today, I talked to her in the morning. And, like every other time, the conversation was so peaceful.

There is one more person with whom I have peaceful interactions. Guess who? 🙂 The smile made the answer very obvious, hasn’t it? Yes, it is my husband. We often discuss over a lot of things in the world. And, we just go on for hours. Most of the time during the discussion, we understand each other and concur on a lot of thoughts. Even if we don’t agree upon something at the first time, we try to make each other understand and finally we end up on the same page. One of the major reasons why we selected each other was the understanding we shared amongst us. I always feel relaxed and nice after talking to him too.

When I talk to such people, I realise conversing is also a way of meditation. If the conversation goes on peacefully for a long time and makes us happy, it has similar effects on the mind as those of meditation. I’m sure each one of us has a set of such people in life. Whenever we feel the need to relax, we ought to talk to those people. The best part about talking to them is that, though our minds are crowded with hundreds of thoughts, we feel at peace after talking to them.

So friends, here is a little advice from my end –
1.Identify such people in your life (Which I’m sure you would have done already!)
2.Talk to them whenever possible to be at peace (Which I’m sure you do, but try to do more often, especially when you are flooded with thoughts. Frankly speaking, I’m also trying!)

As the weekend winds up, let me wind up my conversation too. Hope you’ll had a wonderful weekend and let’s look forward to the next one 😉

Good food at a good place

Yesterday, my husband and I visited the restaurant “Magnolia” for dinner. This restaurant is known for Thai food. We have been to the restaurant before and it has always been a pleasure visiting the place.

We selected a table on the terrace. Our table was facing the glass which separates the terrace seating area from the closed seating area. This glass is not just a plain glass. Water keeps running down inside the glass and it gave a feeling as though we were sitting in front of a stream or waterfall. The lights in the restaurant were dim and light music was being played. Overall, the ambiance was pretty decent.

We ordered for noodle soup. The cold weather was apt for having some nice warm soup. The soup turned out to be tasty and so did the rest of the meal. Overall, the food was delicious. I must say I am not a great fan of Thai or Chinese food, but at this restaurant I did enjoy the food. We had the food slowly relishing it to the core.

The song “It’s only words” sung by BoyZone was being played in the background. Truly, it is only words that can connect us with the companion. “A good ambiance, good food and a wonderful companion, what more would you ask for!”

Overall, we had a nice experience. A short time spent at the restaurant made us feel so happy. If you wish to have Thai food at a place with good ambiance, do visit this place. I’m sure you would not be disappointed.