Holiday in Bangkok

S and I & two of our friends(A & Sh) planned for a holiday trip in Bangkok during the Valentine’s week in February last year. I know it is too late to document but better late than never, right? The plan was made just a few weeks before the day of our journey. In fact, the bookings were done just a week before our travel date. We were really looking forward to spending some good time in Bangkok, Phuket and Krabi Islands.

We took a late-night flight to Bangkok. The journey was a short one, but we reached Bangkok in the middle of the night. We got the Visa on arrival, and we left for the hotel after spending a few hours at the coffee shop in the airport. The way people drive in Bangkok is a wonderful sight – no incessant honking, lane-discipline followed well, scooter-riders driving sensibly in between cars, and all this in the midst of heavy traffic. Amazing!!! If they can do it, we can do it too!!! Though the journey from the airport to the the hotel was a long one, we enjoyed it. After reaching the hotel, we had to wait for quite sometime since the previous occupants had not checked-out yet. In the meantime, we had breakfast and read the newspaper in the lobby area.

After a long wait, we got the rooms, and it was such a relief since we were tired after the night journey in a flight which didn’t provide enough legroom, and we were totally deprived of sleep. We checked-in to the rooms and took some rest. Later in the evening, we visited a shopping mall nearby. It was a long walk from the hotel to the mall and back again. While returning, we got a bit lost on the way and had to walk even more. After reaching the hotel, we were glad to get some rest.

Posting a picture taken in the shopping mall –


Patience does pay off!

I have always loved the kind of work that I do at the workplace, but I was waiting for a role that would help me grow further in my career. I am happy to announce that 6 months ago, I did get a role of my choice. Yes, it feels extremely good to be playing a role of a lead. I have learnt a new technology and I am enjoying working in this space to the fullest. Going to office feels even better these days and I am thankful to my loved ones. My loved ones have motivated & supported me a lot to reach where I am today. This is certainly not the end! I need to learn more and more as days pass by in order to get better at what I’m doing.

The people I work with have appreciated the work I’m doing. It feels so good when your effort is being noted and appreciated. It brings about even more energy within you to learn and perform better. It always boils down to the basics, doesn’t it? Appreciate and watch it do miracles in life. Our house construction is not complete yet. It might take another 6 months. We are not sure if we’d be moving there as our offices are located at the other end of the city. Traveling every day from home to office would be quite a challenge, hence we need to decide wisely. But, in any case, I am glad S and I are really happy working  in the places where we are now.

Truly, our patience and long wait has paid off. Take care friends, dream and work for it. Dreams do come true when we work towards achieving them with a lot of patience. 

Coimbatore – Ooty Trip – Day Three

The third day was totally relaxing :). S and I woke up early in the morning and went out in the open seating place in the hotel. It felt so peaceful listening to the songs of the birds and watching them flying around in their natural habitat. Surely they dominated the human population there and it felt good being with them. S and I felt really peaceful and blessed for being a part of a beautiful world 🙂
You know how much I longed to see the house sparrows that flew in and out of our house when we were kids. I had always enjoyed running after them and watching them hop around on the terrace. S and I were super pleased to see them near the hotel, hopping in the garden, hiding on the branches of the trees and singing songs all day long. 🙂
We had a sumptuous breakfast and then relaxed. We later went out for sight-seeing. We visited the wax museum and the lake. We couldn’t go for boating as it was raining heavily. Hence, we did some shopping for home-made chocolates and returned to the hotel.
Since the weather was cold outside,  we preferred staying in the room and watching movies, S’s and mine favorite pastime. During dinner, we opted for a customized order rather than taking the buffet. The previous night’s food experience wasn’t good and S had complained to the staff about it. Surprisingly, the food that we ordered was delicious and the complaining did pay off well 😉

On the fourth day, we returned to Coimbatore, relaxed at the hotel and did some shopping in the evening. Th next day, in the morning, we took the flight back to Bangalore. We had a lovely holiday and would cherish the memories always.

Sharing some more pictures –

20150403_083753 20150403_150132


Coimbatore – Ooty trip – Day Two

On the second day, we had a nice breakfast and started our journey to Ooty. The entire journey from the Ooty Main road to the Highland hotel was scenic and we didn’t close our eyes for a moment. Since we were traveling uphill, we couldn’t even afford to fall asleep ;). We saw a lot of monkeys on the way and a few waterfalls.

The hotel was situated at a high altitude near the Doddabetta peak which is a major tourist attraction. The view of the Nilgiri hills from the hotel was breathtaking ☺. We checked-in, had a light lunch and then went for sight-seeing. We went to the Botanical garden and spent sometime amidst the greenery. The garden was decent with some good collection of flowering trees :). While we were returning, it started drizzling, yeah drizzling in the month of April. We got back to the hotel. In the evening, we spent sometime near the bonfire. The hotel staff played some melodious songs and we enjoyed sitting near the fire. Our surroundings were so scenic and serene. It was like meditation.

We then had dinner. It was very spicy and not very tasty though, much below our expectations. But, overall, it was a lovely day spent on the Nilgiri Hills 🙂

Sharing a few pictures of the Nilgirs Hills taken from the hotel –

20150402_145107 20150402_145231



Coimbatore – Ooty trip – Day One

S and I planned for a 5-day holiday during the occasion of S’s birthday in order to relax, spend some time together and make the occasion even more special. After all the hard-work that one puts up on a daily basis, one really needs some time to relax and spend with loved ones .

On the first day of our holiday, S’s birthday, we boarded a flight to Coimbatore early in the morning. We were at the hotel by noon. The hotel was neat and luxurious. We relaxed for a while and then had a nice lunch together.

Later, we went out to watch a movie and do some shopping. We watched a decently-nice English movie. S and I love watching movies. Later, we did a lot of shopping. Mom had talked about the city being popular for selling good cotton wear, hence we bought some cotton sarees. 

After returning back to the hotel, we relaxed for sometime and then had a nice dinner. The dinner buffet arranged by the restaurant staff was good 🙂 After dinner, we spent sometime chatting in the lobby of the hotel. It felt so peaceful. S’s birthday was spent well and I was so happy about it 🙂

Sharing a picture of the ceiling in the lobby of the hotel-