Goa trip – Onward journey

S planned for a four-day vacation in Goa during my birthday. Last Saturday,we boarded a flight from Bangalore in the evening and reached Goa airport after an hour. The sight of the domestic airport was quite disappointing. The airport was poorly maintained – floors were unclean & water was dripping from the ceiling. Such a horrific sight of an airport in a prime tourist location of our country! Anyways, we took our luggage from the baggage counter and headed towards the exit. Our cab driver was waiting for us. We loaded the luggage in his car and started our journey towards the hotel.

As opposed to the sight of the airport, what we visualized on the way was totally mesmerizing. The entire stretch on either side of the narrow road was densely covered with trees, especially coconut trees.Though the road was very narrow, it felt like a roller coaster. It took us round and round, up and down, and we loved the drive 😀 After sometime, we saw a lot of houses. I must say, the houses were designed very intricately and were extremely colorful. Most of the stores were lit up with colorful lights and it made us feel as though it was a festive time.

On the way, we crossed two bridges over the Arabian Sea. The sea glittered too with boats lit up with colorful light bulbs. I forgot to mention that we got to visualize a wonderful view of the sea from the flight just before the landing. After such a lovely journey, we looked forward to a nice and relaxing stay at the hotel. Was the hotel good? Did it meet our expectations? I will write about that soon 🙂

Mom’s short visit

Two weeks ago, mom visited Bangalore during the weekend. She reached on a Saturday morning and left on Sunday evening. I know, her trip was too short, but she had to leave soon as sister’s exams were going on. She had some immediate work to be done in Bangalore. She could have sent somebody else to finish off the work, but she preferred traveling all the way just to meet us.

On Saturday, early in the morning, S left from home to pick mom from the Railway Station. S asked me to take rest as the station is situated quite far from our house and the journey would be a long one. On the way, S and mom finished up the work that mom had planned. In the meantime, I did household chores and waited for them. Mom got so many things for us, a lot of food-stuff and lots of utensils. The utensils were gifted to us during our wedding, but because of constraints we couldn’t bring them along whenever we visited home. Mom was so excited to show all the things that she got for us. We had lunch together, and later we went for shopping in the super-market.

The next day, we took mom for shopping in the afternoon. She took few things for herself from the store. We had lunch at Pizza Hut as she wanted to have pizza. After we returned home, it was almost time to leave for the station. We had only an hour left and had to prepare dinner for mom. Mom usually cooks for us when we return from our home-town and packs the food too. This time, we prepared dinner for her and packed the food too 🙂 It feels so good to do the things for a mother that she usually does for us. We quickly got ready and went to the station. We reached there much before time. Hence, we thought we’d spend sometime in the restaurant nearby. After having some snacks, we boarded the train. We helped mom with arranging the luggage and then bade her goodbye 🙂 Mom’s visit was too short, but it was nice 🙂

Surprises on the road!

I guess I have mentioned before that I drive to office everyday. The time that I usually take to reach office from my house is around 1 hour. Since I love driving, I don’t mind spending two hours in traffic everyday and I usually don’t worry about it much. But, there is one thing that I do worry about while driving is the condition of roads on which I ride my bike. I often talk to S about the number of potholes that I come across while I drive and how much I wish that somebody could do something about them.

Two weeks back, to my surprise, the stretch where I came across ‘n’ number of potholes was completely renewed. And, I totally enjoyed driving on that stretch. It felt as though someone was listening to my prayers. On that day, I had a constant smile over my face on my way towards office. It was a wonderful start to my day and I felt like thanking those people who worked hard to make the roads super-smooth.

After a few days, on my way back home, while I drove on the main road close to my house, I started comparing it with the stretch that was renewed. I thought, “I so much wish this road is also repaired”. And guess what! After two days, this one was repaired too. I am so so thankful to those people who stay up all night to repair the roads and make our every-day journeys so pleasant 🙂