Walks to remember

These days my husband and I wake up early in the morning and go for a morning walk. It feels so nice to walk on the road which is surrounded by so many trees. I love to listen to the sounds of the birds, spot them and try to identify them. A few minutes spent walking together gives us a nice feeling. We get to talk to each other over a lot of topics. And, more importantly, we feel so refreshed and energetic after the walk. Every day, after the walk I feel so grateful to the Almighty for giving me a wonderful partner. Each day seems so beautiful because of his presence in my life. I would love to continue my little walks with him forever 🙂

Since the summer has begun and the weather is too hot, I’ve started keeping some water for the birds in our balcony. I haven’t spotted any bird while drinking. I guess they would take sometime to find it. But, I feel nice that I’m trying to save the birds in my own little way.


2 thoughts on “Walks to remember

    • Thanks Asha 🙂 Agree with you completely.. If we were are grateful for the simple things that we get, we’d never be unhappy in our lives 🙂

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