Wonderla trip – Day 2

On the second day, I woke up early by the sounds made by the birds. I was tempted to go for a walk in the lawn area after listening to those sounds. I woke up S from his sleep and told him that the birds were calling me & hence I want to go downstairs 😉 We went to the lawn area and spotted some black & white Magpies which were hopping over the lawn grass. The weather was cool and nice. We walked for a while happily enjoying the sight of the hopping birds.

After returning to our room, my dear husband prepared tea for both of us. We chatted for a while sitting near the glass which provided a wonderful view of the surroundings of the resort. Then, we got ready. A and Sw joined us for breakfast. The resort provided a complimentary breakfast buffet with a lot of breakfast options. We thoroughly enjoyed the meal which included omelette, juices, dosa, puri-sabzi, cakes, etc. We returned to our rooms after breakfast and relaxed there for a while until it was time to check out from the resort.

We checked out from the resort at noon and went to the Amusement Park. S and I got into the Pirate Ship which swings to and fro and we enjoyed it. Then, we went to watch the Cine Magic 3D show. We loved the show. The show was designed to make the viewer experience the feeling of traversing through a forest. The 3D effects, sound effects and the movements on the ride were so natural that we enjoyed every bit of it. Later, we drove the Crazy Cars. Driving crazily and hitting other cars is so much fun! 😀 Sw and I tried it once again in the women and children’s section 😉 We then went to watch the Musical Fountain and the Laser Show. We greatly enjoyed the colorful display of water. Later, we had food and ice-cream and started our journey back home. We reached home in the evening. Our lovely trip had come to an end 🙂 and now I long for the next one 😉 Happy traveling friends! 🙂

Wonderla Trip – Day 1

S and I had been planning an outing with our friends, A and Sw(A’s wife) from couple of weeks. For some or the other reason, it got postponed every week. Finally, last week we decided to go to the Wonderla Resort on the outskirts of Bangalore. S did all the bookings during the start of the week. We were really looking forward to our weekend trip. After two long years, we were going for a proper outing.

On Saturday, A and Sw came to pick us from our place. We started our journey towards the resort at noon. Sw was feeling very hungry and hence we got down at a restaurant on the way. We had a mini-lunch and reached the resort in the afternoon. We checked in the resort and took rest for sometime in our rooms. The room was very well-maintained, neat and spacious. Also, it was facing towards the Wonderla Amusement park. It provided a lovely view of the Amusement park and the greenery in the surrounding area. After taking rest, we started exploring the resort. There were a few indoor games provided like Carrom, Billiards, etc. We played and had fun.

In the evening we walked in the lawn area. Sw and I spotted some tiny green-colored birds in the neatly trimmed shrubs grown on either side of the lawn. It was a pleasure watching those lovely birds chirping and flying around in the bushes. Then, we walked towards the Amusement Park. We reached the park, had some snacks and ice-cream :). On returning back, we relaxed near the swimming pool and chatted for a while. It was so calm and lovely. Relaxing there for sometime seemed as though we were meditating. Later, we had dinner in the restaurant of the resort. The food was decent. After dinner, S, A, Sw and I talked for hours together over a lot of topics. Reluctantly, we winded up our conversation and returned to our room at midnight. We got a sound sleep that night. It was a day spent well!

And it’s year-end!

The year 2013 was a tough year with respect to my health. I remember at the beginning of this year, I was diagnosed with an illness. My doctor told me that I have to undergo medication for nearly a year. I faced a lot of side-effects while undergoing the medication. Those times were really tough both for S and me, but I faced them with a lot of determination and with a hope that I will get better very soon. And, as this year comes to an end, I must say that I do feel much better 🙂

There are a few things that took place in this year which I am happy about –
1. I recovered from my illness and that’s the most important achievement for me.
2. I got a job in a good organization and I’m enjoying going to office again after a career break.
3. S and I visited my in-laws’ place(S’s hometown) for the first time together after our marriage. We had cancelled it couple of times because I couldn’t travel. We finally went there and had a good time.
4. My sister got engaged
5. My mother-in-law was facing some health issues from quite sometime. She was operated this year and things seem fine now.
6. One of my close friends got engaged and I am really happy for her.

Apart from these, S and I have a lot of good memories of times spent together this year. This year has surely been a tough one, but we do get tougher with tough times, don’t we? And, at the end of it, I have seen really good changes in myself. I have become stronger and more confident, and I am really happy about it 🙂

Copying good is good

While returning home in the evening on my TVS Scooty, I stopped at one of the traffic signals near my office. I wanted to take a left turn at the signal. The traffic signal had turned red and I waited for the signal to turn green. Initially, I saw a few people taking a left despite the signal being red. I wasn’t shocked to visualize such a sight as it was not the first time. But, after a few seconds, to my surprise, I realized that a few people who were also in a hurry to take a left-turn, looked at me and waited there till the signal turned green. I was so glad 🙂 Copying somebody following the traffic rules is certainly good as it is going to save lives, not just your life but lives of others too!

After a few minutes, I came across another signal. I turned off my bike and waited for the signal to turn red. The guy who was waiting beside my bike had not turned off his bike. He looked at me and immediately turned off his bike. I was glad again 🙂 Copying something like this would not only save the environment, but also save a few pennies for you by saving your fuel 😉

I am not saying that I am perfect and whatever I do should be copied. But, I certainly do some good things and it is a pleasure to watch somebody copying them by watching me 🙂 I also copy people when I see them doing good for themselves and for the society.

A secret disclosed!

I have been irregular at blogging in the last few weeks. I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I have been trying to accomplish something. And, hence I could not get enough time to come down here and write about my experiences. I had not disclosed about my goal to you then. Today, I would 🙂 I was working towards starting off with my professional career again. And, thanks to all of you who prayed for me. I have accomplished what I wished for and I am so glad that I am going to office again.
The first week has been quite nice. I enjoy waking up early, cooking food, and then going to office. I feel so confident and happy 🙂 I am looking forward to having a great time in my new work place. I will do my best to be regular at this space. I would sure love to continue sharing with you my experiences in life.