Wonderla Trip – Day 1

S and I had been planning an outing with our friends, A and Sw(A’s wife) from couple of weeks. For some or the other reason, it got postponed every week. Finally, last week we decided to go to the Wonderla Resort on the outskirts of Bangalore. S did all the bookings during the start of the week. We were really looking forward to our weekend trip. After two long years, we were going for a proper outing.

On Saturday, A and Sw came to pick us from our place. We started our journey towards the resort at noon. Sw was feeling very hungry and hence we got down at a restaurant on the way. We had a mini-lunch and reached the resort in the afternoon. We checked in the resort and took rest for sometime in our rooms. The room was very well-maintained, neat and spacious. Also, it was facing towards the Wonderla Amusement park. It provided a lovely view of the Amusement park and the greenery in the surrounding area. After taking rest, we started exploring the resort. There were a few indoor games provided like Carrom, Billiards, etc. We played and had fun.

In the evening we walked in the lawn area. Sw and I spotted some tiny green-colored birds in the neatly trimmed shrubs grown on either side of the lawn. It was a pleasure watching those lovely birds chirping and flying around in the bushes. Then, we walked towards the Amusement Park. We reached the park, had some snacks and ice-cream :). On returning back, we relaxed near the swimming pool and chatted for a while. It was so calm and lovely. Relaxing there for sometime seemed as though we were meditating. Later, we had dinner in the restaurant of the resort. The food was decent. After dinner, S, A, Sw and I talked for hours together over a lot of topics. Reluctantly, we winded up our conversation and returned to our room at midnight. We got a sound sleep that night. It was a day spent well!


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