Copying good is good

While returning home in the evening on my TVS Scooty, I stopped at one of the traffic signals near my office. I wanted to take a left turn at the signal. The traffic signal had turned red and I waited for the signal to turn green. Initially, I saw a few people taking a left despite the signal being red. I wasn’t shocked to visualize such a sight as it was not the first time. But, after a few seconds, to my surprise, I realized that a few people who were also in a hurry to take a left-turn, looked at me and waited there till the signal turned green. I was so glad 🙂 Copying somebody following the traffic rules is certainly good as it is going to save lives, not just your life but lives of others too!

After a few minutes, I came across another signal. I turned off my bike and waited for the signal to turn red. The guy who was waiting beside my bike had not turned off his bike. He looked at me and immediately turned off his bike. I was glad again 🙂 Copying something like this would not only save the environment, but also save a few pennies for you by saving your fuel 😉

I am not saying that I am perfect and whatever I do should be copied. But, I certainly do some good things and it is a pleasure to watch somebody copying them by watching me 🙂 I also copy people when I see them doing good for themselves and for the society.


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