Coimbatore – Ooty trip – Day One

S and I planned for a 5-day holiday during the occasion of S’s birthday in order to relax, spend some time together and make the occasion even more special. After all the hard-work that one puts up on a daily basis, one really needs some time to relax and spend with loved ones .

On the first day of our holiday, S’s birthday, we boarded a flight to Coimbatore early in the morning. We were at the hotel by noon. The hotel was neat and luxurious. We relaxed for a while and then had a nice lunch together.

Later, we went out to watch a movie and do some shopping. We watched a decently-nice English movie. S and I love watching movies. Later, we did a lot of shopping. Mom had talked about the city being popular for selling good cotton wear, hence we bought some cotton sarees. 

After returning back to the hotel, we relaxed for sometime and then had a nice dinner. The dinner buffet arranged by the restaurant staff was good 🙂 After dinner, we spent sometime chatting in the lobby of the hotel. It felt so peaceful. S’s birthday was spent well and I was so happy about it 🙂

Sharing a picture of the ceiling in the lobby of the hotel-