Peaceful and sweet

From quite some time, my husband and I wanted to visit the Ganesha temple located in Koramangala 6th Block. Somehow, it always escaped our minds and striked us only while passing by the road where the temple is situated. But then, it would be late and the temple would be closed. Hence, after the Ganesh festival commenced we made a serious plan of visiting the temple. And yes, we finally visited the temple on last Saturday. The temple is pretty neat and calm despite being situated in a very busy area. A few moments spent in the divine atmosphere of the temple makes your mind very peaceful. It feels like you are getting connected to the Almighty. It was a nice experience for us 🙂

Yesterday we watched the movie Barfi. It is an artistic movie and exceptionally made. We thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie. There were a lot of moments in the movie which were too sweet to be forgotten. The actors have done a really good job. I must say, it was worth spending time and money on the movie. The movie conveys a couple of messages to the viewers. One of them is that you don’t need to have everything to be happy in life. The unfortunate can also be happy if they decide to be.The second message conveyed is that words are not really necessary for expression. Expression can be in any form. And yes, the more expressive you are in a relationship, the better the relationship gets.


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