Thanking the special one!

Today is one of my good friends’ birthday. When we were staying in Solapur, I would somehow call her on this day, but fail to remember that it’s her birthday. While winding up the conversation, she would remind me that it’s high time that I wish her. Ha ha :D. I don’t know how I happened to call her on that day. May be, it was my instinct which would try to give me a hint. Initially, it used to be embarrassing. Over a period of time, we both got used to it as I made this blunder almost every year :D.

I must say she has been a very special friend throughout. Now, we meet very infrequently, but we do not feel disconnected from each other. I guess this is a sign of good friendship. Even if you are miles apart, the bond of friendship remains intact. When we meet after a long time, the feeling remains the same. We don’t feel as though we have been apart for so long.

There are a lot of memories attached when it comes to our friendship. Our friendship started when we were studying in the 11th Standard. I had my tuition in front of her house. Most of the times, I’d reach the class before time. Hence, would manage to grab some time to drop by her place and have a chat with her. It would always be a pleasure visiting her place. Gradually, our friendship got even stronger.

We always talked for hours over the phone. It would be so difficult to wind up the conversation. The topic of discussion would be anything randomly picked. I had always felt really nice after talking to her. The conversations were nice, mostly because we thought a lot alike and understood each other really well.

When I was doing my engineering, we got completely disconnected for quite sometime. I had missed her presence in my life, but I knew we would connect again someday. During the last year of my engineering, we got back in contact and I was so glad about it. She was studying dentistry. I remember talking to her for hours over various topics related to dentistry. She would say that I was her only engineering friend who loved to listen to her when she talked about dentistry. I guess that was because I had loved the subject of Biology, and more importantly, I loved listening to my dear friend. The topic never really mattered when we started talking 😀

Now, we are married and staying miles apart, infact in two different countries. Despite that, we still feel connected. I missed my friend’s presence in my reception, but I hope someday in near future we’d meet up again. There is never a fear of losing her, as I am very sure that we’d always hold the same feeling for each other.

Today, on the occasion of your birthday, I thank you my dear friend for being such an asset in my life. I hope you get a lot of happiness in life. I pray to the Lord that our friendship remains the same no matter how old we grow 😉

And to the other readers, I would only say that feel the presence of the best people in your life. Despite the fact that you stay miles apart, your true well-wishers will always be there. Try your best to keep in contact. If that doesn’t happen, don’t feel bad. All you need to do it feel the presence thinking of the moments you spent together and be happy 😀


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