Patience does pay off!

I have always loved the kind of work that I do at the workplace, but I was waiting for a role that would help me grow further in my career. I am happy to announce that 6 months ago, I did get a role of my choice. Yes, it feels extremely good to be playing a role of a lead. I have learnt a new technology and I am enjoying working in this space to the fullest. Going to office feels even better these days and I am thankful to my loved ones. My loved ones have motivated & supported me a lot to reach where I am today. This is certainly not the end! I need to learn more and more as days pass by in order to get better at what I’m doing.

The people I work with have appreciated the work I’m doing. It feels so good when your effort is being noted and appreciated. It brings about even more energy within you to learn and perform better. It always boils down to the basics, doesn’t it? Appreciate and watch it do miracles in life. Our house construction is not complete yet. It might take another 6 months. We are not sure if we’d be moving there as our offices are located at the other end of the city. Traveling every day from home to office would be quite a challenge, hence we need to decide wisely. But, in any case, I am glad S and I are really happy working  in the places where we are now.

Truly, our patience and long wait has paid off. Take care friends, dream and work for it. Dreams do come true when we work towards achieving them with a lot of patience. 


Dreams come true!

If you’ll remember friends, I have mentioned in few of my old posts that I have taken a break from my professional career in the last year because of an illness – an illness that required a treatment for almost one year. While undergoing the treatment, I saw a dream – a dream that I will soon get well and start going to work again. I used to picturize myself riding my two-wheeler from home to office and enjoying my work at the office. Last year, during my treatment, I faced a lot of side-effects. I had a constant pain in my knees and I could not sit down on the ground with my legs folded. I faced issues while climbing the stairs too. So, riding a two-wheeler, which I had always enjoyed, seemed like a dream then. I worked really hard to come out of the illness and to get a job, the former took almost one year, but it made me stronger and more patient as each day passed by.

During November last year, I got a job. I started going to work again.I can’t express in words how happy I was. In the initial few months, I learnt a lot in the office and then I was given the sole responsibility to execute a short-term project. I thoroughly enjoyed working on the project with a small team consisting of 3-4 people. I worked with a few new-comers and I loved their company. I loved going to office everyday, meeting people, working on the daily tasks and then returning home with S in our car. The project was going on well. On fine day, after I got into the office, some people walked towards me and congratulated me. I questioned, “For what?”. They said, “You bagged an individual award for the project you worked on”. I said,”What?!” in total surprise. I couldn’t believe my ears until I walked to my desk and checked my emails. I knew that I was working well and I got appreciation from the people around, but little did I expect that I would receive an award so soon. The journey from being ill, recovering from the illness to winning this award has been one that I would never forget! Throughout this phase of my life, my dearest husband has been very very supportive. He believed more in my dreams than I ever did 🙂 He knew, all the time, that I would recover soon and then prove myself again at the workplace. The day I received the award one of the dreams that we saw last year came true 🙂

During this phase, when I was given the responsibility of working on the project, I interacted and worked with a few new-comers. I thoroughly enjoyed working with them. Their enthusiasm always amazed me and motivated me to guide them in the best possible way. Today, when they look up to me and give me the respect, that one would give to a mentor and a senior, I feel so honored. They introduce me to their friends as a senior who guided them. Every month, a birthday celebration is held at the cafeteria. During one such celebration, I reached the cafeteria and my team members saw me approaching them. One of them lifted a chair which was placed on the table, placed it down and asked me to take a seat. I usually don’t allow anybody to do that for me. I prefer doing it myself, but the way they did it, with so much of respect, I felt so honored and that moment tears started rolling in my eyes 🙂

The lesson that I have learnt in the last two years is that, No illness is more powerful than you. You can overcome any illness if you have the will-power to do it. Also, any dream is possible. Believe in your dreams completely. Keep watching them again and again.Keep working towards achieving them. Your dreams would convert to reality soon and you would be completely taken aback 🙂

Rest is a must!

Last week has been quite hectic for S and me. I have been working for long hours in the office because of a project delivery. I worked on Saturday too when my dear husband was alone at home. He did drop and pick me from office. From last few weeks, I have been traveling with S in our car because of the weather changes. The weather is very hot this summer. It gets quite difficult to ride the scooter in the scorching heat. Hence, I travel with S. Since, S has to take a different route to his office as he drops me on the way, he is spending quite a lot of time in driving.

When we both reach home, we are completely worn-out. We rest for a while, cook food, finish off other household chores, have dinner and sleep off at once. The moment when I lie on the bed, it feels like BLISS. Rest is so essential for our well-being. After a sound sleep, when we wake up early in the morning, it feels so fresh and energetic. The previous day’s tiredness is all gone away magically.

Today, S and I stayed at home. One complete day of rest! It feels so good. We usually go out on weekends, but today we have no plans of going anywhere. The busy we get, the more we realize how important it is for us to take rest. So guys, here a small piece of advice for all of you – Work hard, enjoy, and don’t forget to take REST 🙂 🙂



Being happy!

These days I realize more and more that keeping oneself busy is really necessary. One needs to do some kind of work all the time. It keeps the person closer to the Almighty. We can find ‘n’ no of work options if we look around. We just need to be active and open to do the tasks. The reason I say that work is necessary is that work instills a feeling of satisfaction and happiness within us and also boosts our confidence. When a person is happy, he/she turns a blind eye to the problems around. There are multiple negative things going around each one of us. The one who learns to ignore them can be happy all the time. And, the best way to ignore is to keep oneself busy. And needless to say, we need to take enough rest too 😉

So folks, keep working for your living, be happy and healthy and stay away from the negativities in the world. I wish you very happy weekend. Do have a great one. I am excited too as I would be doing some shopping for S and my little cousin this weekend.

Life’s best lesson

Yesterday, I was pondering over changing times in my life.

During my childhood, my mom took great efforts to get my admission done in a very good school. She was a very good mother taking care of her children to the best of her capability. I realized very soon that I need to make her happy so that her efforts don’t go in vain. I tried my best to study as much as possible and became a regular rank-holder in my school. I used to play few sports, but I was not regular with them. All my friends would call me a over-studious girl, but I didn’t bother. The fact was that I loved to play too, but the only thing on my mind then was that my studies were more important. I had to study well and score well to see the wonderful smile of happiness and satisfaction on my dear mother’s face. As my performance got better, the expectations from the family also increased. I had to be the topper always and I worked hard to stay one. During this period, I completely ignored sports. I was doing well in academics, but often faced health issues. That was due to lack of exercise or play. I learnt a lesson then that I should have played a little more. I never regretted for what I did as I always got happiness after seeing the smile on my mother’s face.

When I was doing my engineering, I stayed with my uncles and their families in Pune. It was a joint family. I faced tough times during my stay there and I wished to move out. But, my dad felt that it would not look good if I stayed outside despite having a family there. I faced all the hardship to keep my dad happy. I had severe issues of back-ache then, but I ignored all of them and tried my level best to perform as good as possible in my exams. I passed out engineering with distinction and left from Pune and returned to my home-town.

After my engineering I wished to do post-graduation. I had already given some entrance exams after engineering, but had not scored so well that I could get a scholarship. When I returned home, I saw my father going through a financial crisis. The new business that he set up was not coming up the way he expected. It was quite unfortunate that soon after he started the business the market conditions went bad. My parents always treated me like a son. After seeing him struggling, I realized that I need to give up on my plan of studying further and help out my father in his tough times. I started looking out for a job and I got one in Bangalore.

I came to Bangalore with a lot of hope of changing things for myself and for my family. I started working and I enjoyed doing it. Over a period of time, I became more confident and independent. I helped out my family as much as possible from my end. I gave the entrance exam again, but failed to score up to the mark. I couldn’t manage studying and work at the same time then as those were the initial days of work for me. Hence, I thought I’d delay my plan of studying again for a while. Over a period of time, I became better with what I was working on and I was happy with it. I supported my parents as a child should do and I felt really good about it. My parents were also really proud of me. All of my relatives looked at me with great respect. I was taking better care of my health and was doing some kind of exercise too. I didn’t wish to have health issues again and I tried my best to keep myself away from them.

One fine day, my family wanted me to leave the job and go back. They either wanted me to quit my job or change the job location. I wasn’t prepared to do either of the two. I didn’t wish to leave the place where I reached after a lot of struggle and sacrifices in my life. The place had brought about the best of changes in me and wished to stay back. I tried out work-from-home options for a while to be with them, but they didn’t work out. I took my first stand in life. I told my family members that I cannot leave the place or my job which I liked. I would always support them in all ways as I did before, but I would not compromise on my job. During that period, it took time for them to understand my stand as it was the first time in life I stood up for myself. I had no intention to hurt any of my family members, but just wanted them to realize I need to be happy to keep them happy. I knew I could give best support to them only after keeping myself happy and satisfied. The job and the place where I stayed gave that happiness to me.

After sometime, I met the best person of my life. I fell in love. While I was growing up, I had a lot of dreams related to my life-partner. I met the person who was even better than what I saw in dreams, but there was one problem. He belonged to another caste and I could see that it wouldn’t be easy convincing my parents. Then, I took my second stand in life. I struggled to convince my parents, got married to the best person and am happy now. Things were not easy, but I am happy that everything settled down. Recently, during my last visit home, I realized that people around me respect me a lot even now. It feels so nice after getting that respect and I am sure my parents also understand now that the stands I took were really necessary.

I learnt – It is good to do sacrifices in life to make others happy only when they keep you happy too. But, when you realize the sacrifices will make you unhappy or change you as person, there is not point in doing them. Only if you are happy you can keep the others happy. This is my mantra of life now!