Try harder if you happen to fail!

My first attempt at learning how to ride a two-wheeler was not a very good one. I couldn’t get control on the bike. While I was trying hard, I fell off from the bike once. I was disappointed after that experience, and didn’t have the courage to try again out of fear of failing. My aunt cheered me up by saying that it is natural to face it at the first time, and I must overcome this fear. So, I tried again and the next time I was much better at it. I learnt a few basics from my cousin who rode pillion with me. I practised riding the bike often. I started driving to classes and college too. Gradually, I got better control on the bike and started enjoying the driving experience.

My engineering college was situated around 13km from our apartment in Pune. I had to travel around 25km per day on an average. My dad decided to get me a two-wheeler in order to make my traveling easier. I was really excited about getting a new bike 🙂 TVS Scooty was then the most popular two-wheeler in town. But before selecting one, I had to go to the TVS showroom for a test drive.

My uncle accompanied me to the TVS showroom situated close to our house. When we reached the showroom, we checked out the new model of scooty and finalized on the colour. While my uncle was completing the formalities for booking the bike, I went on for the test drive with an instructor.

I drove the two-wheeler and the instructor sat on the pillion. She directed me while I was driving. She asked me to drive through the narrow lanes behind the showroom. While I was driving, she exclaimed that she was quite surprised to see the way I was driving. She said that I drove very sensibly and had a good control on the vehicle. She also added by saying that it’s quite rare to see someone driving like me. Those few words which came from her have remained in my mind and I guess I’d never forget them. That day, I returned home with a broad smile over my face, thinking that my efforts towards becoming a good driver had not gone in vain.


2 thoughts on “Try harder if you happen to fail!

    • Thanks a lot Roopa for reading about my life experiences and enjoying it too 🙂 We all have stages in our life where we go beyond our limitations and perform better 🙂 I am glad that my experience took you back to stages in your life too 🙂

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