Tea-time reminiscence

Yesterday, I had green tea in the evening after my afternoon nap. I must tell you that it is super-refreshing. It brings back energy within few minutes after you have it. After having the first sip of tea, I went back in time. I started thinking of the lovely moments I spent in the evenings with some good friends I made at my workplace.

In my 6 years of work-life, I have been very fortunate. I have made the best of friends and have shared some lovely moments with them. And you know what, the special person of my life was also one of them. Yes, S and I worked in the same organisation for quite sometime. I loved the little conversations we had while having tea even when we were just friends.

Apart from S, I made a lot of other friends in office. No matter how much we were tied-up with our work, we made it a point to meet up during tea-time. The intention was not only to have some refreshing tea and munch upon snacks to satiate our hunger, but also to have little conversations. These conversations gave us a lot of reasons to smile, laugh and ponder over things related to our lives. I loved listening to the funny kid-stories narrated by my mommy friends, the marital-life dramatic stories narrated by newly-wed friends, work-related serious stories narrated by the tense friends, team-related fun stories narrated by friends(associated with a team), and many more. I remember each one of those friends as they have made a mark in my life by their presence at some point of time.

Today, I feel that I’ve been blessed to find wonderful people at my work-place. As the weekend approaches, I am sure you have already made some nice plans to enjoy it to the best. Happy Ugadi friends! Will pray that this year brings a lot of happiness and prosperity in your lives.


6 thoughts on “Tea-time reminiscence

    • Glad to know Dil that you too were fortunate to have great work-place friends 🙂 … Keep contacting them whenever you get time and you’ll feel good for sure 🙂

  1. Oh….I absolutely LOVE tea. Especially ice tea with a little mint in it.
    But, a doctor just told me that I can’t drink tea or coffee anymore.
    Too acidic.
    So I guess tea-time memories are all I have left. Sigh. 😉

    • Oh 😦 Good, atleast you have good tea-time memories … Welcome to my space Mary 🙂 I love the pictures that you post on your blog 🙂

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