A lovely day!

Today, I took a compensatory off from work since I worked on the weekend. S was also working-from-home as he had some important personal work too.

I took rest the whole day – no getting up early, no rushing to prepare food, no rushing to get ready, and no returning home late in the evening from office. ItΒ feels so good to get some rest after the hard-work we put up in the last week. We prepared some decent food at home and enjoyed the day. In the evening, we went out and met some of our old friends from our previous office. It felt really nice to see them after so long πŸ™‚

Also, today we booked train tickets for Papa. Papa would be visiting us in Bangalore next week and would be staying here for quite sometime. This is the first time after our marriage Papa is coming over to stay with us. Mummy had come here recently, but Papa couldn’t accompany her because of his work and other responsibilities. Also, S would be traveling for sometime in the next week. My father-in-law is not keeping well from quite sometime, andΒ S is going to get him treated from a good hospital in Mumbai. I pray things go well and he is treated soon.



Goa trip – Blissful experiences & Return-journey

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The next two days we relaxed at the resort. We got up early in the morning. We had coffee sitting beside the swimming pool of the resort listening to the songs of the birds. S and I had lovely conversations while having coffee. We spent the evenings at the beach. The rest of the time, we either spent playing games at the resort, or just relaxing and watching television in the room.

We were not able to go for sight-seeing as there was a cab and auto strike. Traveling in a new place without public\private modes of transport is really difficult. The resort could also not arrange private vehicles for tourists as private vehicles were also being attacked by the mob. Anyways, we took it as an opportunity to relax at the resort. Also, the Baga beach was situated very close to the resort. We walked down to the beach in the evenings, spent some time there watching the waves going up and down, feeling the cool breeze blowing towards us and talked endlessly. It felt so much like meditation. I so much wish we could make everyday of our lives as lovely as those πŸ™‚

A day before our return, we went to the Spa and got a foot massage. This was the first time S and I visited a Spa. The massage was really effective. My feet felt extremely light and flexible after the massage.Β In the afternoon, S tried a lot contacting cab-services/auto-services to book a vehicle for traveling to the airport the next day. But, none of them was sure whether they could provide a vehicle since the strike was still on. We were quite disappointed as the resort people also refused to help much.The only option left was to take an over-crowded public bus, change two buses on the way. Accommodating in a crowded bus with so much of luggage and covering a long distance seemed quite difficult, but we could find no alternative then.

Later in the evening, we thought of trying our luck once again by talking to the resort reception guys. And guess what, there was another couple returning to Bangalore by the same flight the next day and they were trying to convince the resort people to provide help. Thankfully, that guy arranged for a tempo-traveler for us. He said he would try to find out some more people who could join us and share the fare. We were so glad that some arrangement was done by the end of the day and we didn’t have to travel by bus. We didn’t wish to miss our flight to Bangalore at any cost πŸ™‚

The next day, we got up early, had breakfast and left from the resort towards the airport. We boarded the flight and reached Bangalore early in the evening. Our nice trip had come to an end, but the memories would last forever πŸ™‚

Goa trip – Struggle to get the best!

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We reached the hotel at night. S had booked a room in advance after checking out the reviews on a travel site. The hotel was rated a 3-star and the reviews were good, hence our expectations were high too. Unfortunately, the hotel was nothing like it was described in the reviews on the travel site. There was a foul smell coming from the reception area and it was difficult waiting there until the room was ready. S and I were worried about how the room would be. But, we proceeded as it was already too late to look for another place for stay. Also, we were too tired and needed some rest. The room looked neat, but there was water leaking from the refrigerator. The entire place smelled bad and it seemed so difficult to stay there. We asked them to change the room, but they had no options. They said they could do that only in the morning. Since there was no alternative, we decided to wait till morning. We asked them to clean up the place and switch off the refrigerator which malfunctioned. Later, we had dinner and slept off.

In the morning, on my birthday, the staff showed us another room, but in vain. The walls in the room were broken and the room was so poorly maintained. We couldn’t afford waiting there anymore. We had breakfast and S looked for other hotel options. He was really disappointed as the place didn’t turn out to be as we expected. Also, more so, because it was my birthday and he didn’t want me to go through all that on my birthday. Fortunately, he found another option at the Keys’ resort. We checked out from that place soon and managed to get half off the charges waived-off after complaining to the General Manager.

We reached the Keys’ resort after a while. And believe me, it was such a relief! The resort looked neat, pleasant and well-maintained. The rooms were neat too. After all that drama in the previous hotel, we were so glad that we landed at a good place. We got fresh and relaxed for sometime. Later in the evening, we went to the Baga beach. A few hours spent there were so relaxing and blissful. A cool breeze constantly blew towards us while we relaxed in a restaurant facing the sea. After sunset, we returned back to the resort.

At night, we had a candle-light dinner near the swimming pool of the resort. Some musicians played musical instruments and sang melodious songs making the entire experience worth-remembering. S was so glad that his struggle to make my birthday experience good had not gone in vain. And, for me, it was truly a perfect birthday! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Surprises on the road!

I guess I have mentioned before that I drive to office everyday. The time that I usually take to reach office from my house is around 1 hour. Since I love driving, I don’t mind spending two hours in traffic everyday and I usually don’t worry about it much. But, there is one thing that I do worry about while driving is the condition of roads on which I ride my bike. I often talk to S about the number of potholes that I come across while I drive and how much I wish that somebody could do something about them.

Two weeks back, to my surprise, the stretch where I came across ‘n’ number of potholes was completely renewed. And, I totally enjoyed driving on that stretch. It felt as though someone was listening to my prayers. On that day, I had a constant smile over my face on my way towards office. It was a wonderful start to my day and I felt like thanking those people who worked hard to make the roads super-smooth.

After a few days, on my way back home, while I drove on the main road close to my house, I started comparing it with the stretch that was renewed. I thought, “I so much wish this road is also repaired”. And guess what! After two days, this one was repaired too. I am so so thankful to those people who stay up all night to repair the roads and make our every-day journeys so pleasant πŸ™‚

Being happy!

It’s been 11 years since I am staying in a different city as that of my parents. Whenever I talk to mama, she often talks to me about the problems that she is facing in her routine life. Most of her problems are related to her health. Mom still does all the household work and I feel really proud about it. Touching wood! Since, I am staying away, there I times I feel a bit helpless that I am unable to go there and help her. Over a period of time, I have learnt to accept the reality that I have to stay in a different place. But, I try my best to help her out as much as possible from my end. It gives me a lot of happiness when I help her in the smallest possible way.

Since couple of months, mama is having an issue. The maid who works at our place is taking a lot of leaves. Sometimes, there are genuine reasons for her taking an off from work and mama does understand her situation and grants her a leave. But, in such situations, it is really difficult to find an alternative. A couple of years back, mama could comfortably do all the household work. But, now she needs to take enough rest too and there are certain constraints that she needs to face. She still manages to do the work, but her health goes for a toss 😦 One issue that she regularly faces is with putting the clothes for drying. Because of space constraints, mama has tied the ropes quite high above the ground level and hence she needs to get onto a ladder or chair to put the clothes on the rope. Since, she has knee issues, it gets quite difficult for her to climb up and put the clothes for drying one by one.

When mama had last visited our place in Bangalore, she saw the clothes drying stand that we bought. She liked it a lot and felt it would be a good solution for the issue that she faces every now and then. After she went back, she did look out for something similar in the super-market, but in vain. Ever since then, she has been asking me to find out if there are ways of sending a similar drying stand from Bangalore to my home-town. S and I visited the super-market the other day, but we couldn’t find a similar stand there. The one we have is a sturdy one and there are very few chances of it toppling down. We returned home and S started looking for something online. He finally found a really decent one online and we ordered it today. It is much better than the one we have at our place. I am so excited now. I am eagerly waiting for mama to receive it. I am sure it will be of great help to her. Doing such little things for her keeps me away from the feeling of helplessness πŸ™‚