Home-trip Day 2

I got up early on the second day. To my surprise, the Mehndi on my palms had turned really dark. Mom was also completely taken aback when she saw it. She wondered how that happened because I had washed off my hands two hours after application of Mehndi.

I helped mom in the kitchen in the morning. While mom was performing puja, I prepared breakfast for everyone. I made Poha which turned out to be pretty decent 😉 It is one of my favourite breakfast dishes. Dad tasted it and appreciated it. It was the first time he tasted something that I prepared from the start to end. It was a moment of happiness for me. S had breakfast and went to my maternal uncle’s farm with two of my other maternal uncles. In the meantime, I just relaxed at home and watched television 😉

In the afternoon, S and I went to my maternal grandfather’s place. My grandma had invited us for lunch. There was a small get-together there. We met my last cousin who was born only a month ago. We gifted him few toys and clothes. We also met my maternal aunt who visited India after 3 long years. S and I had lunch with my maternal uncles and aunts. The food was very delicious. My grandma prepared tasty Mutton Pulao and S loved it. My grandma is a wonderful cook and an inspiration to everyone around her. She cooks food and does other household work even at this age. Hats off to her! After lunch, S and I chatted with my aunts and spent some awesome time with my little cousin. S loves kids a lot. When kids are around, he gets completely engrossed in playing with them 🙂 and I get engrossed in watching him playing 😉 😀

After returning from Grandma’s place, S, mom and I went to the market for shopping. Mom had to do some shopping for the engagement. So, we accompanied her to the market. Later in the evening, S, mom, dad and I visited my maternal uncle’s place. They had invited us for dinner. There was a get-together again. We all chatted and had loads of fun. The food was delicious too. When we returned home, we were so tired that we slept off immediately. The next day was the big day – the day of the engagement and I was super-excited!