Holiday in Thailand – Phuket

The flight journey to Phuket was good, the best part being the landing. The view of the blue waters from the flight was magnificent. While landing on the Phuket island, the plane gets so close to the waters that we feel as though we are just a few feet above the sea-level. The lovely colours of the water make you feel so refreshing, and you’d just want to plane to pause there for a couple of minutes, but the it lands earlier than you’d expect 🙂 

The hotel where we booked our stay for 2 days had sent their driver to pick us up from the Airport. The road which took us to this hotel was a steep one. At one point, it became extremely steep and we had to hold our breath while the driver took the car over the slope. We heaved a sigh of relief when we crossed that part of the road. 

This hotel was situated over a small hill and was not like the other luxury hotels. It looked like a row house from the outside. When we went inside, we noticed a couple of rooms on either side of the swimming pool. The common area was a small, cozy one with a couple of sofas and a small bar on the opposite side of the reception counter. We were offered a welcome drink and it tasted awful 😀 God knows what it was made of. It seemed as though it was a conglomeration of fruits which didn’t go well together. We had a good laugh there while we waited to get the rooms.

The rooms in the hotel were comfortable too, and the balconies were big. From our balcony, we could see the the hills and we got a distant view of the sea too. Later in the evening, we went downhill to the beach. After returning, we spent sometime in the lobby of the hotel, chatting and listening to the various nocturnal sounds coming from the bushes on the hill. We had dinner and then took some good rest.

At daybreak the next day, S made some green tea and we spent sometime in the balcony, chatted for a while, listening to the songs of the birds and just looking at the hills. The view was so captivating that you’d never want to leave that place. We later visited one of the beaches which was at a short distance away from the hotel. We spent sometime at the beach, took off our footwear and walked along the beach, and enjoyed getting our feet wet. It was extremely sunny and our feet were burning as we walked over the sand, but the waves came to our rescue. We had lunch at a restaurant near the beach. The cab came to pick us in the evening. We relaxed at the hotel after returning. The next day we planned to travel to the popular Krabi Islands. A lovely day came to an end.

Sharing some pictures of the view from our hotel balcony – 

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