Holiday in Thailand – Bangkok

S and I & two of our friends(A & Sh) planned for a holiday trip in Bangkok during the Valentine’s week in February last year. I know it is too late to document but better late than never, right? The plan was made just a few weeks before the day of our journey. In fact, the bookings were done just a week before our travel date. We were really looking forward to spending some good time in Bangkok, Phuket and Krabi Islands.

We took a late-night flight to Bangkok. The journey was a short one, but we reached Bangkok in the middle of the night. We got the Visa on arrival, and we left for the hotel after spending a few hours at the coffee shop in the airport. The way people drive in Bangkok is a wonderful sight – no incessant honking, lane-discipline followed well, scooter-riders driving sensibly in between cars, and all this in the midst of heavy traffic. Amazing!!! If they can do it, we can do it too!!! Though the journey from the airport to the the hotel was a long one, we enjoyed it. After reaching the hotel, we had to wait for quite sometime since the previous occupants had not checked-out yet. In the meantime, we had breakfast and read the newspaper in the lobby area.

After a long wait, we got the rooms, and it was such a relief since we were tired after the night journey in a flight which didn’t provide enough legroom, and we were totally deprived of sleep. We checked-in to the rooms and took some rest. Later in the evening, we visited a shopping mall nearby. It was a long walk from the hotel to the mall and back again. While returning, we got a bit lost on the way and had to walk even more. After reaching the hotel, we were glad to get some rest.

Posting a picture taken in the shopping mall –



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