Holiday in Thailand – Bangkok

Our second day in Bangkok was a pleasant one. The hotel offered a decent breakfast buffet. We started our the day with a sumptuous meal.

We planned to visit the Wat Arun temple in Bangkok, which is an amazing temple. Guess what, it’s located at the river-side and we had to take a ferry to reach the temple. That’s what made our journey exciting. We could see small huts set up in the low waters on either side, and so many people stay in those huts. A little boy looked out from the window of one hut and waved at us.

A small floating market was set up on the way. Beware of the sellers here, they sell souvenirs at really high prices. After a lovely 45 minute journey in the boat, we reached the temple.

The temple has numerous small Buddha statues at the entrance, arranged sequentially, around the main central tower. The architecture of the temple is very similar to the other temples in Bangkok.

We spent sometime inside the temple and then took a boat to return back. The return journey was a shorter one as we took a different route. The entire experience of visiting the temple was lovely. There are many temples in Bangkok, but this one is unique as we have to reach there by boat and that makes it even more exciting.

On our way back in the cab, we inquired about Indian restaurants. We were longing for desi-food and thankfully our driver did know about one. He dropped us at a decent Indian restaurant. The meal was good, but the restaurant guys took a lot of time to serve the meal. We didn’t mind as we had all the time to wait.

Later in the evening, just like the previous day, we visited a mall and then took some rest at the hotel. The next day we had to take a flight to the Phuket island.

Sharing a few pictures of the temple and the last one was taken on the way –


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