A holiday well-spent!

S and I returned to Bangalore yesterday night after a long holiday spent at my in-law’s place(S’s home-town). We reached there a week ago on the auspicious day when Diwali puja is performed. Mother-in-law performed the puja and we helped her with all the preparations. Later, we went to the terrace of the building and lighted crackers for almost 2 hours. Our niece was highly excited and S and I just went on and on till all the crackers bought by brother-in-law got over.

On the rest of the days, we relaxed, had long chats with the family members, played with the two kids, helped sister-in-law with the cooking, and did some shopping too. They gifted me five new dresses and I am so excited about getting them. The best part of the place is that the climate is cool most of the times, and it felt as though we were staying at a hill-station. The traffic on the roads is also very less since the place is not heavily populated.

I had really long chats with my co-sister during the time we spent in the kitchen cooking food. She is very kind and compassionate to both of us( S and I ). Since she enjoys our company, she is super-happy when we go there. For me, she is more like an elder sister or a mother, who pampers me a lot when we visit their place. She enjoys preparing all kinds of food dishes for us. One day, she wanted S and me to teach her how to prepare Vegetable Biryani. Three of us enjoyed doing the cooking and the Biryani turned out to be really tasty 🙂

My father-in-law is still keeping unwell. He feels weak and takes rest most of the time. We hope he recovers soon. This time, while parting from there, everyone had tears in their eyes. It’s been a tough time for them since the time father-in-law’s illness was diagnosed. We all are hoping times would soon take a U-turn and each one of us will be free of all the worries and happy again 🙂


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