It’s holiday time….

Two more days to go, and then a long holiday begins. S and I are taking a long holiday or I’d rather say a short break from the routine life for a period of 9 days. The last holiday we took was in February when we visited Goa. I am so glad that we were able to plan out another holiday this year. We will be visiting my in-law’s place and spending a few days with the family there.

Since our marriage, this is the first time we’d be celebrating Diwali with family. Usually we do it in Bangalore with friends 🙂 We are looking forward to a good and relaxing holiday. Also, as always, mama would be sending over sweets and savouries soon after we return back.  Also, I wish I can stick to the pledge that I took last year of Going green(not lighting crackers) 😉

Have a happy and safe Diwali friends! See you soon 🙂