Dreams come true!

If you’ll remember friends, I have mentioned in few of my old posts that I have taken a break from my professional career in the last year because of an illness – an illness that required a treatment for almost one year. While undergoing the treatment, I saw a dream – a dream that I will soon get well and start going to work again. I used to picturize myself riding my two-wheeler from home to office and enjoying my work at the office. Last year, during my treatment, I faced a lot of side-effects. I had a constant pain in my knees and I could not sit down on the ground with my legs folded. I faced issues while climbing the stairs too. So, riding a two-wheeler, which I had always enjoyed, seemed like a dream then. I worked really hard to come out of the illness and to get a job, the former took almost one year, but it made me stronger and more patient as each day passed by.

During November last year, I got a job. I started going to work again.I can’t express in words how happy I was. In the initial few months, I learnt a lot in the office and then I was given the sole responsibility to execute a short-term project. I thoroughly enjoyed working on the project with a small team consisting of 3-4 people. I worked with a few new-comers and I loved their company. I loved going to office everyday, meeting people, working on the daily tasks and then returning home with S in our car. The project was going on well. On fine day, after I got into the office, some people walked towards me and congratulated me. I questioned, “For what?”. They said, “You bagged an individual award for the project you worked on”. I said,”What?!” in total surprise. I couldn’t believe my ears until I walked to my desk and checked my emails. I knew that I was working well and I got appreciation from the people around, but little did I expect that I would receive an award so soon. The journey from being ill, recovering from the illness to winning this award has been one that I would never forget! Throughout this phase of my life, my dearest husband has been very very supportive. He believed more in my dreams than I ever did 🙂 He knew, all the time, that I would recover soon and then prove myself again at the workplace. The day I received the award one of the dreams that we saw last year came true 🙂

During this phase, when I was given the responsibility of working on the project, I interacted and worked with a few new-comers. I thoroughly enjoyed working with them. Their enthusiasm always amazed me and motivated me to guide them in the best possible way. Today, when they look up to me and give me the respect, that one would give to a mentor and a senior, I feel so honored. They introduce me to their friends as a senior who guided them. Every month, a birthday celebration is held at the cafeteria. During one such celebration, I reached the cafeteria and my team members saw me approaching them. One of them lifted a chair which was placed on the table, placed it down and asked me to take a seat. I usually don’t allow anybody to do that for me. I prefer doing it myself, but the way they did it, with so much of respect, I felt so honored and that moment tears started rolling in my eyes 🙂

The lesson that I have learnt in the last two years is that, No illness is more powerful than you. You can overcome any illness if you have the will-power to do it. Also, any dream is possible. Believe in your dreams completely. Keep watching them again and again.Keep working towards achieving them. Your dreams would convert to reality soon and you would be completely taken aback 🙂


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