Little moments :)

On week days, S and I get very less time to relax and talk to one another. Our day starts very early. We cook food, do other household chores, get ready and rush to office. During office hours, we exchange only a few messages. We reach home late in the evening, finish off remaining household chores, cook food and sleep off at once.

Times are getting hectic, but we still try our best to grab a few moments with each other –

1. Moments we spend in kitchen – S and I do all the kitchen work together, washing utensils, cooking food, etc. We make it a point to be there together so that we get to spend a few moments with each other.

2.Moments while driving to office – Sometimes, I go to office with SΒ by car. I love those drives. While S drives, I enjoy looking at the beautiful greenery in the surrounding and I talk endlessly. Also, I read the newspaper and we discuss a lot about good and bad things going on in our city, country, and in world.

3.Moments we spend during short tea breaks in office – In office hours, I hardly get time to take tea breaks. Despite that, I do make a point to take one short tea break, when I have juice and talk to S over the phone. I love those little conversations that we exchange. If I miss talking to him even a single day I feel so bad 😦 Talking to S is like an instant energy dose and I know he also eagerly waits for my phone call πŸ˜€

These little moments that we spend with each other are so essential for us, to keep us going and being happy even during those hectic week days πŸ™‚




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