Goa trip – Struggle to get the best!

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We reached the hotel at night. S had booked a room in advance after checking out the reviews on a travel site. The hotel was rated a 3-star and the reviews were good, hence our expectations were high too. Unfortunately, the hotel was nothing like it was described in the reviews on the travel site. There was a foul smell coming from the reception area and it was difficult waiting there until the room was ready. S and I were worried about how the room would be. But, we proceeded as it was already too late to look for another place for stay. Also, we were too tired and needed some rest. The room looked neat, but there was water leaking from the refrigerator. The entire place smelled bad and it seemed so difficult to stay there. We asked them to change the room, but they had no options. They said they could do that only in the morning. Since there was no alternative, we decided to wait till morning. We asked them to clean up the place and switch off the refrigerator which malfunctioned. Later, we had dinner and slept off.

In the morning, on my birthday, the staff showed us another room, but in vain. The walls in the room were broken and the room was so poorly maintained. We couldn’t afford waiting there anymore. We had breakfast and S looked for other hotel options. He was really disappointed as the place didn’t turn out to be as we expected. Also, more so, because it was my birthday and he didn’t want me to go through all that on my birthday. Fortunately, he found another option at the Keys’ resort. We checked out from that place soon and managed to get half off the charges waived-off after complaining to the General Manager.

We reached the Keys’ resort after a while. And believe me, it was such a relief! The resort looked neat, pleasant and well-maintained. The rooms were neat too. After all that drama in the previous hotel, we were so glad that we landed at a good place. We got fresh and relaxed for sometime. Later in the evening, we went to the Baga beach. A few hours spent there were so relaxing and blissful. A cool breeze constantly blew towards us while we relaxed in a restaurant facing the sea. After sunset, we returned back to the resort.

At night, we had a candle-light dinner near the swimming pool of the resort. Some musicians played musical instruments and sang melodious songs making the entire experience worth-remembering. S was so glad that his struggle to make my birthday experience good had not gone in vain. And, for me, it was truly a perfect birthday! 🙂 🙂


5 thoughts on “Goa trip – Struggle to get the best!

    • Yeah, the reviews ought be true… Normally, we go by the reviews on that travel site and don’t end up getting disappointed… but this time it was quite shocking 😦 .. This hotel got the best reviews on the site, and it was nothing close to even mediocre..

      Thanks a lot for the wishes 🙂

    • Thanks a lot dear 🙂 Sorry, to keep you waiting for this post.. I had drafted it immediately after the first post, but wasn’t getting time to verify and publish it 🙂 Also, so thankful for your thoughtfulness 🙂 …

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