Goa trip – Onward journey

S planned for a four-day vacation in Goa during my birthday. Last Saturday,we boarded a flight from Bangalore in the evening and reached Goa airport after an hour. The sight of the domestic airport was quite disappointing. The airport was poorly maintained – floors were unclean & water was dripping from the ceiling. Such a horrific sight of an airport in a prime tourist location of our country! Anyways, we took our luggage from the baggage counter and headed towards the exit. Our cab driver was waiting for us. We loaded the luggage in his car and started our journey towards the hotel.

As opposed to the sight of the airport, what we visualized on the way was totally mesmerizing. The entire stretch on either side of the narrow road was densely covered with trees, especially coconut trees.Though the road was very narrow, it felt like a roller coaster. It took us round and round, up and down, and we loved the drive 😀 After sometime, we saw a lot of houses. I must say, the houses were designed very intricately and were extremely colorful. Most of the stores were lit up with colorful lights and it made us feel as though it was a festive time.

On the way, we crossed two bridges over the Arabian Sea. The sea glittered too with boats lit up with colorful light bulbs. I forgot to mention that we got to visualize a wonderful view of the sea from the flight just before the landing. After such a lovely journey, we looked forward to a nice and relaxing stay at the hotel. Was the hotel good? Did it meet our expectations? I will write about that soon 🙂


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