Surprises on the road!

I guess I have mentioned before that I drive to office everyday. The time that I usually take to reach office from my house is around 1 hour. Since I love driving, I don’t mind spending two hours in traffic everyday and I usually don’t worry about it much. But, there is one thing that I do worry about while driving is the condition of roads on which I ride my bike. I often talk to S about the number of potholes that I come across while I drive and how much I wish that somebody could do something about them.

Two weeks back, to my surprise, the stretch where I came across ‘n’ number of potholes was completely renewed. And, I totally enjoyed driving on that stretch. It felt as though someone was listening to my prayers. On that day, I had a constant smile over my face on my way towards office. It was a wonderful start to my day and I felt like thanking those people who worked hard to make the roads super-smooth.

After a few days, on my way back home, while I drove on the main road close to my house, I started comparing it with the stretch that was renewed. I thought, “I so much wish this road is also repaired”. And guess what! After two days, this one was repaired too. I am so so thankful to those people who stay up all night to repair the roads and make our every-day journeys so pleasant 🙂


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