Bright and Pure!

When I was in high school, I had set a rule for myself. The rule was that I bought atleast one white dress every year. There wasn’t anybody who asked me to follow this rule, but I did follow it diligently, mainly because of my love for the color white. In the last few years, I haven’t been able to stick to this rule. This was not because of any specific reason, but I just missed it.

From last couple of months, I have been repeatedly saying to S that I need to buy one white dress this year. When we visited my in-laws’ place, we bought few dress materials from a store in the city. We made sure one of them was in the color White. Recently, S and I gave the cloth to a tailor and asked him to stitch a nice kurta. Yesterday, we brought the kurta from the tailor’s store. The kurta was perfectly made and we were so happy about it. S was so excited that he put the kurta in the washing machine immediately after returning home. You know why?? Yeah, you guessed right. He wanted me to wear it the next day(today) to office 🙂 These are the little things that S keeps doing and I can’t stop myself from loving him more and more 🙂

Today, when I dressed up and looked into the mirror, I felt so peaceful, happy and confident. There is something about the color WHITE. I don’t know whether it’s the purity of the color or the brightness that it brings over the face or plainly my love for the color, that makes me feel wonderful when I wear a white-colored dress.


7 thoughts on “Bright and Pure!

  1. Wow! I totally get what you’re saying..
    White is my favourite too 🙂 Never realized until much later in life.. but I used to have mostly white with different colour prints.. or it would be pastels. Now I’m all colourful and am missing a white one.. havent found anything satisfactory in the recent past. So went and bought a white material just few days back. Yet to be stitched 🙂

    • I also realised only after a while that I love the color “White”.. In my case, I guess, I inherited it from my dad… My dad wears only white clothes… Since last 2 years, I could also not buy anything in White.. It gets so difficult to find something you’d like.. I’m so glad that I did finally.. and glad that you did too 🙂

  2. Hey.. First time here snow!! Loved your blog… My dad always wears white shirt. Plain white – no self design also. No amount of argument ever changed him. Some people are so obsessed with white! 🙂

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