New Year Celebration!

On the last day of the year, I planned out for the New Year’s celebration without letting S know about it. I wanted to thank S for the wonderful time we spent together in 2013, and hence I thought of giving him a surprise. I ordered for a Black Forest cake for the celebration. After leaving from the office, I visited the super-market to buy some food-stuff I required for the dinner. Then, I collected some stuff for decorating the house from a store near our house. I kept all the stuff at home and then went to collect the cake from the cake-shop. In the meantime, S called if everything was fine. I usually send him a message after reaching home. Since he didn’t get the message even after 2 hours from the time I left office, he was worried πŸ™‚ I told him that I visited the super-market for shopping and would soon return home. But, I am sure he sensed that I was planning out something πŸ˜‰ It is so difficult to keep your surprises hidden from your husband, isn’t it?

After reaching home, I was terribly tired as there was too much traffic on the roads that day. I took rest for a while and then started decorating the wall in front of our dining table. The wall was looking good after the decorations were done. I placed some floating candles in a bowl of water and I kept the bowl in the center of the table. Though I wanted to finish off everything before S reached home, it didn’t happen because I couldn’t reach home on time. The credit goes to the traffic here πŸ˜‰ When I started with the preparations in the kitchen, S reached home. S saw the decorated wall and the candles and he was completely taken aback. He was very happy that I took so much effort to plan for a celebration. He then joined in the preparations. We together made Pav-Bhaji for dinner. S also blew the balloons and added few more colors on the wall. When the dinner was ready, we lit the floating candles and enjoyed the meal. The Pav-Bhaji turned out to be really delicious. S kept saying that he was so happy about the way I planned out for the evening.

At midnight, we cut the cake, wished each other and then went off to sleep at once. We were too tired to even watch television that night πŸ™‚ And at the end of it, I was super-happy that my plan of making S happy had worked out well.


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