And I write in a poetic mood…

Yesterday, it was a bright and sunny day. In the last few days, the Sun tried his best to make his way out of the stretch of clouds in the sky, but failed to do so. I was eagerly waiting for the day when the Sun would make atleast a special appearance in the sky. And, finally he did yesterday! It was not just a special appearance, but a decently longer one.

It felt so positive and energetic after the weather changed from dark to bright. In the morning, S and I noticed the change and we went on the terrace of our building to visualize and feel the change in a much better way. We walked there for a while. It felt really nice to stand there under the sky which served as a playground for the sun and the stretch of clouds. The Sun and the clouds were playing hide & seek, making short appearances one after the other.

After the little walk and the little talk, S and I came down. Our conversation lasted only for a few minutes, but I felt so blissful after that. I wonder whether I should thank S or the Sun or the clouds for the feeling that I experienced that moment 😉 I guess it was a collective effort made by the three of them. What say friends?


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