My little aunt

Today is my little aunt’s birthday. I know you are wondering why I am calling her “little aunt”. She is my mother’s last sister and she is just four years older than me. We have grown up together and are more like siblings. There are so many memories that we share from our childhood. I would like to share a few of them with you –
1. When we were kids, mummy asked me to give my dress to my aunt just for a day. My aunt needed a dress for some function and I had one which was quite big for me and could fit her well. I was so stubborn that I refused to give it to her 😦 Now, when I think of it I wonder why I was like that :D. Though I don’t remember that incident very clearly, she still does. Whenever we talk about childhood days, she narrates the incident so well 😀
2. When I was studying in high school, I often needed to buy books from the market. Mama used to have a lot of household work then. So, my aunt used to take me to the market on her TVS Scooty. I always enjoyed it when I rode pillion with her. After picking up stuff from the market, we often visited her best friend’s home. Her friend is very sweet and I became friends with her because of my frequent visits to her place with my aunt.
3. There were times when I didn’t address her as “Aunty”. I addressed her by her name. But, as I grew up, I stopped calling her by her name and started addressing her as “Aunty”. I don’t remember the exact time this transformation happened, but I do remember it was when I had started looking up to her. I had realized that she was not just a person whom I shared my childhood with, but something more than that. You could say that she had become like an elder sister for me.
4. To help out mama and grandma in the kitchen, we often washed the utensils in the kitchen after dinner. She would apply the utensil cleaning soap on the utensils and I would wash them under tap water. Whenever I think of those times I laugh. I wonder how we did that cleaning together!

These are just a few of those memories that I shared today. Though I am staying away from her, I don’t feel like that. She does call me whenever she thinks about me. In fact, she is the one who makes the call most of the times and she never complains why I don’t call her often. She is one of the sweetest people I have seen in my life. She doesn’t hold anything against anybody. She is too busy in her world that she hardly bothers about how people are behaving. She just ignores and moves on. This is the best quality that she possesses. Whenever I meet her, I realize that I should learn this art from her 🙂 On the occasion of her birthday, I pray to God to give her all the happiness that she deserves in her life.


4 thoughts on “My little aunt

  1. Very beautiful post Snow 🙂 Wishing your little aunt loads and loads of happiness throughout her life!

    Amma shares a similar bond with her aunts. Both of them are only 4 and 6yrs elder to her and most of the times, she addresses them as “akka” (elder sister) instead of “pinni” (aunt). Growing up, it used to be quite confusing for me. Technically, they are my grandmas too, but amma would call them as “sisters” making them aunties for me. 😀

    • Thanks a ton dear for the wishes!

      And yeah, I can so well relate to your Amma 🙂 Just imagine, my little aunt’s son who is less than 1 year old will be calling me didi, whereas age-wise he ought to call me aunty 😀

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