Being happy!

It’s been 11 years since I am staying in a different city as that of my parents. Whenever I talk to mama, she often talks to me about the problems that she is facing in her routine life. Most of her problems are related to her health. Mom still does all the household work and I feel really proud about it. Touching wood! Since, I am staying away, there I times I feel a bit helpless that I am unable to go there and help her. Over a period of time, I have learnt to accept the reality that I have to stay in a different place. But, I try my best to help her out as much as possible from my end. It gives me a lot of happiness when I help her in the smallest possible way.

Since couple of months, mama is having an issue. The maid who works at our place is taking a lot of leaves. Sometimes, there are genuine reasons for her taking an off from work and mama does understand her situation and grants her a leave. But, in such situations, it is really difficult to find an alternative. A couple of years back, mama could comfortably do all the household work. But, now she needs to take enough rest too and there are certain constraints that she needs to face. She still manages to do the work, but her health goes for a toss 😦 One issue that she regularly faces is with putting the clothes for drying. Because of space constraints, mama has tied the ropes quite high above the ground level and hence she needs to get onto a ladder or chair to put the clothes on the rope. Since, she has knee issues, it gets quite difficult for her to climb up and put the clothes for drying one by one.

When mama had last visited our place in Bangalore, she saw the clothes drying stand that we bought. She liked it a lot and felt it would be a good solution for the issue that she faces every now and then. After she went back, she did look out for something similar in the super-market, but in vain. Ever since then, she has been asking me to find out if there are ways of sending a similar drying stand from Bangalore to my home-town. S and I visited the super-market the other day, but we couldn’t find a similar stand there. The one we have is a sturdy one and there are very few chances of it toppling down. We returned home and S started looking for something online. He finally found a really decent one online and we ordered it today. It is much better than the one we have at our place. I am so excited now. I am eagerly waiting for mama to receive it. I am sure it will be of great help to her. Doing such little things for her keeps me away from the feeling of helplessness πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Being happy!

    • Yeah dear.. When I look back, I too wonder how I stayed without them for so long.. Initially it was difficult.. Then, I started enjoying life and being more happy.. When they saw me happy, they too were not very worried πŸ™‚
      and yeah waiting to get the reaction from Mama after she receives the gift πŸ™‚

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