Cleaning, cleaning..

Yesterday, S and I did a lot of cleaning in the house. There is some open space provided near the ceiling in one of the rooms to keep certain stuff such as bags and other things which are not used so frequently. There were a lot of things that were packed and kept there from a long time and we wanted to sort it out soon. But, we normally got engrossed in other things on the weekends and this task remained in the backlog. Finally yesterday, we took up this task impromptu 😉 The sorting went on and on. We found some things which could be used again and some which needed to be disposed off. We took quite sometime to clean up the entire space, sort out the things and then arrange them well in the space again. It was a great relief to have finished the long-pending task! Now, the space looks so neat and tidy. Yippee! 😀 Yeah, I am kind of crazy for cleanliness. I guess I have mentioned that before too 😛

After two days, my mother-in-law, father-in-law and sister-in-law are coming over to stay with us. Mother-in-law needs to get a medical check-up done here and needs to get operated too. We are hoping things go on smoothly during their stay here and she is treated well 🙂


6 thoughts on “Cleaning, cleaning..

  1. I have this room in my apartment which needs some love. Right now, it just holds the stuff still unpacked from my trips and my craft supplies piled up in one corner. But I’ll be cleaning it soon as my parents will be here in two weeks. Usually, I am a clean freak too but for me out of sight is out of mind.
    Wishing you a smooth stay with in-laws and healthy recovery for you MIL.

    • Hey nice to hear that your parents are visiting your place.. You must be eagerly looking forward to it… And yeah, I love people who are clean freaks.. hehe 😀 ..
      Thanks for your wishes .. Wishing everything will go fine 🙂

    • Glad to know that you enjoy cleaning too 🙂 I understand it must be really difficult for you as you are already taking care of two little kids 🙂 I do get enough time for cleaning these days, so I just utilize it for my favorite job .. hehe 😀

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