Reminiscing a blessing!

Yesterday was teacher’s day. I wish all my teachers in academics, work-life and elsewhere a very happy teacher’s day. I know I’m late. But it is better to be late than never say something you wish to say, right friends?

Today, I would like to dedicate this post to one of my teachers who played a major role in my life when I was studying in the junior college. I used to attend extra classes for Physics when I was in 11th and 12th. I never felt the need to attend extra classes, but just because everyone else did, I did too. The Physics teacher whose classes I attended was very knowledgeable. Also, he was extremely good at teaching his subject. But, he was very strict. His classes were held early in the morning at 6:30 am and would continue for an hour. He demanded pin-drop silence in the class while he taught.

I was scared of him most of the times as he taught with so much dedication and strictness. Sometimes, he would look at me sternly while giving some examples. I always felt he considers me a very mediocre student who is not so good with the subject. As a matter of fact, he never directly said something of that sort to me, but I just assumed. Initially I attended the classes very diligently and also scored really well in the tests that he conducted. I had no idea that he was silently watching over my performance in the tests.

When the board examinations were approaching, I stopped attending the classes. I felt I could manage studying the remaining lessons on my own. He asked other students about me, but nobody knew why I was not attending the classes. One fine day, he seemed too upset in the class and he said to the students that he really wondered why a good student like me left his class. He doubted whether his teaching was up to the mark. He also told them that he has been silently observing my performance in tests and that I was a good performer consistently. That’s why he requested people who knew me to ask me to meet him once so that he could talk to me. I was thrilled when my friend narrated all this to me. I couldn’t believe my ears! A professor whom I looked up to with great respect appreciated my performance so much. As soon as I told mama about this, she scolded me for discontinuing the classes and asked me to go and meet him.

I went to the teacher’s house to meet him. I remember that day so well. All of his family members were sitting in front of the television and watching Kaun Banega Crorepati. My teacher asked me why I didn’t attend the classes. I told him that I had some personal issues and found managing both college and extra classes difficult. The statement that he said next was something that I could never forget, “We all wear a collar of problems. In some cases, the problems are more and in others they are less. But, we need to move ahead of those problems in life. We need to face them, fight against them and then shine beautifully.” I was dumbstruck after he quoted this. I had always looked up to him for his teaching. That day, I realized he is a good person too. I have never forgotten this quote and I never wish to forget it šŸ™‚ Every time I need motivation, I remind myself of it and I feel much better. Since the classes were already over and the practice tests too, he arranged for the tests at his place. He handed over the test papers to his wife. I visited his place and attended the test while his wife kept a track of the time.

The practice tests were really helpful. When I passed the examination with flying colors in Physics, I went to his place and thanked him for the arrangements that he made for me for attending the practice tests. He was also so proud that I scored well in his subject. Sometimes, when I go to my home-town, I accidentally meet him in the market or other places. He doesn’t fail to recognize me and talks to me so nicely šŸ™‚ Sometimes, good teachers do go out of the way to get the best out of you. I am so thankful to him!


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