A prayer!

The day before yesterday, my paternal grandma was admitted in hospital. She has not been keeping well for a couple of months now. Papa visited my grandparent’s place for the festival and stayed back there as grandma fell ill. Grandma has become quite weak as she is unable to consume food. The doctors are going to keep her hospitalized for some days until she recovers.

I call up papa everyday to ask about grandma’s health condition. I hope she recovers soon and is a condition to consume food. We are all very worried for her. Yesterday, I even got a little emotional thinking about her and the moments that we spent together while I was studying Engineering in Pune. I would like to share a few of those moments with you.

When I was studying Engineering, I used to go for jogging early in the mornings especially on the weekends. Grandma used to accompany me. She would get up early in the morning and get ready for the walk. She used to wear nice canvas shoes that uncle bought for her so that she could comfortably walk. I would drive my TVS Scooty and she would ride pillion with me. We would go to M.G. road in Pune which was situated quite close to our house. In the mornings, M.G. Road is not crowded and is a good place for walking or jogging. After reaching the place, we would decide the path. She would walk while I jogged on the same path. After sometime, we’d meet up and then return home. The mornings were very refreshing and it was nice to have her company then.

The last time I met grandma was in my sister’s engagement which was recently held. She got emotional after she met me. I am glad S spent sometime with her during the function as I was accompanying my sister then. I am extending a prayer for her well-being. May the Almighty give her the strength to recover from her illness πŸ™‚


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