Home-trip Day 4 and 5

On the 4th day, S and I relaxed at home. We had home-made food and spent some time watching television.
Later in the evening, we accompanied mom to the market. We had to do some shopping for her. We bought some cooking utensils for her so that cooking gets easier for her.

On the last day, we got up early and had yummy breakfast. We used the new pan that we bought the previous day. Later, we visited my grandma’s place. My maternal aunt gifted new clothes to S and me as she couldn’t attend our wedding reception. The dress she gifted me is lovely. S and I loved it very much. I am still waiting for the day I’d be wearing it. S has already started using his new clothes. He can’t wait when he gets new clothes. He tries them within a week’s time. After that, S went with my uncles and dad to my uncle’s workplace. I did all the packing in the meantime. After S returned, we had lunch and then took rest for a while. Dad’s friend and family came to meet us in the afternoon. Time just passed so soon and it was already time to leave. We got ready and left for the station. On the way, we picked my maternal aunt and my cousin. They wished to see us off. After reaching the station, we boarded the train and chatted for a while. When the train started, we bade goodbye to everyone happily. We sure had a nice stay 🙂


4 thoughts on “Home-trip Day 4 and 5

  1. Meeting family is always great and specially extended family because you talk to your family every other day but almost lose touch with relatives. Glad you had a nice stay 🙂
    All my goodbyes are always teary. I cry everytime I fly back from India till the time I check in.

    • That’s true dear 🙂 Meeting the extended family is nice … Thanks 🙂
      And yeah, I never cry when I leave.. My mom does almost every single time.. When she comes to see us off at the station, she cries and S and I try to console her.. I know she misses me a lot.. I miss them too, but since I’ve been staying away from home for so long now I’ve got used to the goodbyes… I prefer smiling and being happy while seeing them off, or else I’d know they’d worry for me more 🙂 I can understand how heavy and emotional you must be feeling while parting.. Since you are staying abroad, your visits must be more infrequent 🙂

    • Yeah dear, time sure flies.. and faster when you are happy 🙂 Your stay also went by quickly because you had a good time.. and with two little angels that you have, time will always fly.. so keep capturing those moments in words or pictures 🙂

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